Remarks on the Patron's Inscription of the Boyana Church : Reproductions and Unicode-based Wikipedia Representation

Faculty/Professorship: Slavic Linguistics  
Author(s): Kempgen, Sebastian  
Publisher Information: Bamberg : opus
Year of publication: 2014
Pages: 11
Source/Other editions: Ursprünglich in: Scripta & e-scripta : the journal of interdisciplinary medieval studies. - 8-9 (2010), S. 27 - 36
Year of first publication: 2010
Language(s): English
DOI: 10.20378/irbo-2752
Licence: Creative Commons - CC BY-NC-ND - Attribution - NonCommercial - NoDerivatives 3.0 International 
URN: urn:nbn:de:bvb:473-opus4-27524
A discussion of previous representations of the patron's inscription of the famous Boyana church, and a new, Unicode-based reproduction
Keywords: Altbulgarisch, Altkirchenslawisch, Bulgarien, Sofia, Bojana-Kirche, Stifterinschrift, Slavische Sprachwissenschaft
Type: Article
Year of publication: 6. May 2014