Continuity and change in Northern Mesopotamia from the Hellenistic to the early Islamic period : proceedings of a colloquium held at the Seminar für Vorderasiatische Altertumskunde, Freie Universität Berlin, 6th - 9th April, 1994 / ed. by Karin Bartl ; Stefan R. Hauser : Berlin, 1996

Professorship/Faculty: Islamic Art and Archaeology  
Authors: Korn, Lorenz  
Responsibility: (rezensiert von) Lorenz Korn
Title of the compilation: Die Welt des Orients : wissenschaftliche Beiträge zur Kunde des Morgenlandes. - 33 (2003), S. 235 - 238
Year of publication: 2003
Language(s): German
Document Type: Review
Release Date: 24. September 2014