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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Warum digitale Transformation nicht nur 0 und 1 ist uniba/500932021Hanel, Erik  ; Grabensee, Lea
Run or hide : changes in acquisition behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic uniba/502362021Bauer, Florian; Friesl, Martin  ; Dao, Mai Anh
Strategy implementation : Taking stock and moving forward uniba/502372020Friesl, Martin  ; Stensaker, Inger; Colman, Helene Loe
Parallel Learning Pathways, Applied Integration Rules, and Performance in Acquisitions uniba/485832020Felker, Yves-Martin; Bauer, Florian; Friesl, Martin  
Den Synergiesprung wagen mit LEAP-R uniba/502382020Bauer, Florian; Friesl, Martin  ; Ort, Klaus
Den Synergiesprung wagen mit LEAP-R uniba/475912020Bauer, Florian; Friesl, Martin  ; Ort, Klaus
Meta-Controlling als Erfolgsfaktor des Controllings internationaler Unternehmen uniba/448742019Engelhard, Johann ; Kerner, Linda
When the parent imitates the child: Strategic renewal through separation and reintegration of subsidiaries uniba/467032019Friesl, Martin  ; Garreau, Lionel; Heracleous, Loizos
Rethinking digital strategy uniba/467402019Friesl, Martin  ; Ramkumar, R.
Markets under the Microscope: Making Scientific Discoveries Valuable through Choreographed Contestations uniba/467022019Mason, Katy; Friesl, Martin  ; Ford, Chris J.
Abseiling From The Shard: The Cognitive Foundations Of Capability Development In Temporary Organizations uniba/469142019Ford, Chris J.; Friesl, Martin  
Silver Bullet or Ricochet? CEOs’ Use of Metaphorical Communication and Infomediaries’ Evaluations uniba/446972018Fehn, Angela; König, Andreas; Mammen, Jan; Enders, Albrecht; Luger, Johannes
Business schools under attack, must fight back uniba/467592018Friesl, Martin  
Putting Strategy into Action - The Role of Artefacts for Business Format Replication uniba/467062018Friesl, Martin  ; Larty, Joanne; Jacobs, Claus
Is this the end of strategy as we know it? uniba/467282018Friesl, Martin  
Why Unilever is right to consolidate its headquaters in Rotterdam uniba/467602018Friesl, Martin  
The secret ingredient that made Netflix a world beater could lead to its demise uniba/467622018Friesl, Martin  
The Exploration Phase of Replication Strategies: The Role of Autonomous Action for Reverse Knowledge Flows uniba/467042018Friesl, Martin  ; Larty, Joanne
Primary or complex? : Towards a theory of metaphorical strategy communication in MNCs uniba/439992017Fehn, Angela; König, Andreas; Puck, Jonas; Graf-Vlachy, Lorenz
The strategic importance of top management resistance: Extending Alfred D. Chandler uniba/467082017Friesl, Martin  ; Kwon, Winston