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Comparing Study Designs and Down-Sampling Strategies in Corpus Analysis : The Importance of Speaker Metadata in the BNCs of 1994 and 2014 uniba/540622022Sönning, Lukas  ; Krug, Manfred  
Comparing Approaches to (Sub-)Register Variation : The ‘Press Editorials’ Sections in the British, Canadian and Jamaican Components of ICE uniba/540632022Vetter, Fabian  
Comparing Standard Reference Corpora and Google Books Ngrams : Strengths, Limitations and Synergies in the Contrastive Study of Variable h- in British and American English uniba/540642022Sönning, Lukas  ; Schlüter, Julia  
Comparing Methods for the Evaluation of Cluster Structures in Multidimensional Analyses : Concessive Constructions in Varieties of English uniba/540612022Schützler, Ole 
The relationship between citations and the linguistic traits of specific academic discourse communities identified by using social network analysis uniba/533162022Watson, Donald  ; Krug, Manfred  ; Carbon, Claus-Christian  
Live Text Coverage of Political Events : Combining Content and Corpus-based Discourse Analysis uniba/540222021Michael, Hendrik ; Werner, Valentin  
Issues of corpus comparability and register variation in the International Corpus of English: Theories and computer applications uniba/524062021Vetter, Fabian  
A diachronic perspective on telecinematic language uniba/493242021Werner, Valentin  
Introduction : Corpus approaches to telecinematic language uniba/493262021Bednarek, Monika; Veirano Pinto, Marcia; Werner, Valentin  
The replication crisis, scientific revolutions, and linguistics uniba/516732021Sönning, Lukas  ; Werner, Valentin  
The Variation of English in Guernsey/Channel Islands uniba/521502021Ramisch, Heinrich
A register approach toward pop lyrics in EFL education uniba/521792021Werner, Valentin  
Catchy and conversational? : a register analysis of pop lyrics uniba/514102021Werner, Valentin  
Text-linguistic analysis of performed language : revisiting and re-modeling Koch and Oesterreicher uniba/499452021Werner, Valentin  
The use of stative progressives by school-age learners of English and the importance of the variable context : Myth vs. corpus reality uniba/487922020Fuchs, Robert; Werner, Valentin  
TV Discourse, Grammaticality, and Language Awareness uniba/490352020Werner, Valentin  
Teaching grammar through pop culture uniba/492722020Werner, Valentin  
Phonological variation in German Learner English uniba/491352020Sönning, Lukas  
Learning languages through pop culture/learning about pop culture through language education uniba/492712020Werner, Valentin  ; Tegge, Friederike
L1 Influence vs. Universal Mechanisms : An SLA-Driven Corpus Study on Temporal Expression uniba/492692020Werner, Valentin  ; Fuchs, Robert; Götz, Sandra