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TitleAuthor(s)VolumeYear of publication
A grammar of the dialect of the Bolton area uniba/48578Shorrocks, Graham411998
A grammar of the dialect of the Bolton area uniba/48579Shorrocks, Graham421999
A linguistic picture of women's position in society : a polish-English contrastive study uniba/48464Jaworski, Adam171986
A reader in early modern English uniba/48580431998
A socio-historical study in address: Polish and English uniba/48561Kiełkiewicz-Janowiak, Agnieszka301992
Acoustic variability and its perception : the effects of context on selected acoustic parameters of English words and their perceptual consequences uniba/48454Oakeshott-Taylor, John91980
An atlas of English surnames uniba/14978Barker, Stephanie; Spoerlein, Stefankai; Vetter, Tobias; Viereck, Wolfgang522007
Article usage in English : a computer-based self-teaching programme on the basis of a functional theory of reference uniba/48573Klages-Kubitzki, Monika371995
Ausgewählte Verwandtschaftsbezeichnungen in den Sprachen Europas : untersucht anhand der Datensammlungen des Atlas Linguarum Europae uniba/10167Eder, Birgit462004
Black and white speech in the Southern United States : evidence from the linguistic atlas of the Middle and South Atlantic States uniba/48476Dorrill, George Townsend191986
Early middle English word formation : semantic aspects of derivational affixation in the AB language uniba/48563Zbierska-Sawala, Anna321993
East Tennessee folk speech : a synopsis uniba/48456Pederson, Lee121983
Englisch in Livingston : ausgewählte sprachliche Erscheinungen in einer schottischen New Town uniba/48460Pollner, Clausdirk161985
Englische Sprachwissenschaft und Mediävistik: Standpunkte - Perspektiven - Neue Wege : Proceedings of the Conference in Bamberg, May 21-22, 2004 uniba/12644482005
Englisches Wortgut, seine Häufigkeit und Integration in der österreichischen und bundesdeutschen Pressesprache uniba/48453Viereck, Karin81980
English loanwords in Polish and German after 1945 : orthography and morphology uniba/48587Nettmann-Multanowska, Kinga452003
English past and present : selected papers from the IAUPE Malta Conference in 2010 uniba/874552012
From regularity to anomaly : inflectional i-Umlaut in Middle English uniba/48577Krygier, Marcin401997
Gowerland and its language : a history of the English speech of the Gower Peninsula, South Wales uniba/48567Penhallurick, Robert J.361994
Idioms and fixed expressions in English language study before 1800 : a contribution to English historical phraseology uniba/10221Knappe, Gabriele  472004