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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
How to develop and frame impactful review articles : key recommendations uniba/593532023Paré, Guy; Wagner, Gerit  ; Prester, Julian
A method for resolving organisation‐enterprise system misfits : An action research study in a pluralistic organisation uniba/593522023Morquin, David; Ologeanu‐Taddei, Roxana; Paré, Guy; Wagner, Gerit  
Understanding Prospective Physicians’ Intention to Use Artificial Intelligence in Their Future Medical Practice : Configurational Analysis uniba/593552023Wagner, Gerit  ; Raymond, Louis; Paré, Guy
Prospective Physicians’ Intention to Adopt Artificial Intelligence : A Configurational Perspective uniba/593542023Paré, Guy; Raymond, Louis; Castonguay, Alexandre; Wagner, Gerit  
Classifying the ideational impact of Information Systems review articles : A content-enriched deep learning approach uniba/559512021Prester, Julian; Wagner, Gerit  ; Schryen, Guido; Hasan, Nik Rushdi
Which factors affect the scientific impact of review papers in IS research? : A scientometric study uniba/559392021Wagner, Gerit  
A framework of platform design mechanisms, platform congruence and value creation on C2C platforms uniba/559372021Wagner, Gerit  ; Prester, Julian
Fitbit-Based Interventions for Healthy Lifestyle Outcomes: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis uniba/559322020Wagner, Gerit  
Seeking Out Clear And Unique Information Systems Concepts : A Natural Language Processing Approach uniba/559332020Hassan, Nik Rushdi; Prester, Julian; Wagner, Gerit  
Forecasting IT security vulnerabilities : An empirical analysis uniba/559462020Yasasin, E.; Prester, Julian; Wagner, Gerit  ; Schryen, Guido
Investigating Patients’ Intention to Continue Using Teleconsultation to Anticipate Postcrisis Momentum : Survey Study uniba/559432020Ouimet, Antoine Grenier; Wagner, Gerit  ; Raymond, Louis; Paré, Guy
A Knowledge Development Perspective on Literature Reviews : Validation of a new Typology in the IS Field uniba/559522020Schryen, G.; Wagner, Gerit  ; Benlian, Alexander; Paré, Guy
Why Do People Keep Consulting Physicians Online? A Study Of Teleconsultation Continuance Intention uniba/559312020Wagner, Gerit  
Designing a novel strategy for exploring literature corpora uniba/559352020Wagner, Gerit  ; Empl, Philip; Schryen, G.
Information Systems Research on Platforms for Digital Knowledge Work : A Scoping Review uniba/559422019Wagner, Gerit  ; Prester, Julian
Exploring the Scientific Impact of Information Systems Design Science Research : A Scientometric Study uniba/559342018Wagner, Gerit  ; Prester, J.; Schryen, G.
Information systems design science research and cumulative knowledge development : An exploratory study uniba/559452018Schuster, R.; Wagner, Gerit  ; Schryen, Guido
Assessing data quality : A probability-based metric for semantic consistency uniba/559442018Heinrich, Bernd; Klier, Mathias; Schiller, Alexander; Wagner, Gerit  
Classifying the ideational impact of IS review articles : A natural language processing based approach uniba/559532018Prester, J.; Wagner, Gerit  ; Schryen, G.
Literature reviews in IS research : What can be learnt from the past and other fields? uniba/559502017Schryen, Guido; Benlian, Alexander; Rowe, Frantz; Gregor, Shirley; Larsen, Kai; Brandtzaeg, Petter Bae; Paré, Guy; Wagner, Gerit  ; Haag, Steffi; Yasasin, Emrah