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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Spatio-temporal Analysis of Multi-agent Scheduling Behaviors on Fixed-track Networks uniba/549602022Agarwal, Shivam  ; Wallner, Günter; Watson, Jeremy; Beck, Fabian  
CiteVis : Visual Analysis of Overlapping Citation Intents as Dynamic Sets (Paper) uniba/549492022Agarwal, Shivam  ; Ghosh, Uttiya; Beck, Fabian  ; Sreevalsan-Nair, Jaya
Visualizing the Evolution of Multi-agent Game-playing Behaviors uniba/549542022Agarwal, Shivam  ; Latif, Shahid ; Rothweiler, Aristide; Beck, Fabian  
Visual Comparison of Multi-label Classification Results uniba/531762021Krause, Cedric  ; Agarwal, Shivam  ; Ghoniem, Mohammad; Beck, Fabian  
Visually Connecting Historical Figures Through Event Knowledge Graphs uniba/538432021Latif, Shahid ; Agarwal, Shivam  ; Gottschalk, Simon; Chrosch, Carina; Feit, Felix; Jahn, Johannes; Braun, Tobias; Tchenko, Yanick Christian; Demidova, Elena; Beck, Fabian  
Visualizing Sets and Changes in Membership Using Layered Set Intersection Graphs uniba/521222020Agarwal, Shivam  ; Tkachev, Gleb; Wermelinger, Michel; Beck, Fabian  
Set Streams: Visual Exploration of Dynamic Overlapping Sets uniba/519552020Agarwal, Shivam  ; Beck, Fabian  
Bombalytics: Visualization of Competition and Collaboration Strategies of Players in a Bomb Laying Game uniba/518702020Agarwal, Shivam  ; Wallner, Günter; Beck, Fabian  
Visualizing AI Playtesting Data of 2D Side-scrolling Games uniba/521152020Agarwal, Shivam  ; Herrmann, Christian; Wallner, Günter; Beck, Fabian  
A Design and Application Space for Visualizing User Sessions of Virtual and Mixed Reality Environments uniba/518742020Agarwal, Shivam  ; Auda, Jonas; Schneegaß, Stefan; Beck, Fabian  
How Visualization PhD Students Cope with Paper Rejections uniba/521382020Agarwal, Shivam  ; Latif, Shahid ; Beck, Fabian  
Computer-supported Interactive Assignment of Keywords for Literature Collections uniba/518642018Agarwal, Shivam  ; Bernard, Jürgen; Beck, Fabian