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Why do immigrants support an anti-immigrant party? : Russian-Germans and the Alternative for Germany uniba/543242023Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  ; Elis, Jonas; Spies, Dennis Christopher; Goerres, Achim
The impact of emotions on polarization : Anger polarizes attitudes towards vaccine mandates and increases affective polarization uniba/550502022Nguyen, Christoph G.; Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  ; Veit, Susanne
DeZIM.panel : Data for Germany’s Post-Migrant Society uniba/543272022Dollmann, Jörg; Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  ; Lietz, Almuth; Siegel, Madeleine; Köhler, Jonas
Setting Up an Offline Recruited Online Access Panel with an Oversampling of Immigrants and their Descendants : The German DeZIM.panel uniba/543252022Dollmann, Jörg; Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  ; Lietz, Almuth; Siegel, Madeleine; Köhler, Jonas
Wählerinnen und Wähler mit Einwanderungsgeschichte im Bundestagswahlkampf : Erste Ergebnisse der Immigrant German Election Study II (IMGES II) aus Duisburg von Mai bis November 2021 uniba/543262022Goerres, Achim; Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  ; Spies, Dennis Christopher; Elis, Jonas
A New Electorate? : Explaining the Party Preferences of Immigrant-Origin Voters at the 2017 Bundestag Election uniba/559162022Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  ; Goerres, Achim; Spies, Dennis Christopher
Reaktionen auf den Ukraine-Krieg : Eine Schnellbefragung des DeZIM.panels uniba/559282022Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  ; Lietz, Almuth; Dollmann, Jörg; Siegel, Madeleine; Köhler, Jonas
Angry Reactionary Narcissists? : Anger Activates the Link Between Narcissism and Right-Populist Party Support uniba/559172021Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  ; Nguyen, Christoph G.
The Relation Between Social Identities and Outgroup Hostility Among German Immigrant‐Origin Citizens uniba/559112021Hamidou‐Schmidt, Hayfat; Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  
Do Interviewers Affect Measures of Factual Political Knowledge? : Evidence from Austria and Germany uniba/559142021Johann, David; Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  
Overqualification as Moderator for the Link Between Job Change and Job Satisfaction Among Immigrants and Natives in Germany uniba/559202021Khalil, Samir; Lietz, Almuth; Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  
Immigrant voters against their will : a focus group analysis of identities, political issues and party allegiances among German resettlers during the 2017 bundestag election campaign uniba/559072020Goerres, Achim; Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  ; Spies, Dennis Christopher
Too Immature to Have a Sense of Duty? : Civic Duty in Youths Aged 16 and 17 uniba/559092020Johann, David; Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  ; Thomas, Kathrin
The Two Dimensions of Narcissistic Personality and Support for the Radical Right : The Role of Right‐wing Authoritarianism, Social Dominance Orientation and Anti‐immigrant Sentiment uniba/559182020Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  ; Berning, Carl C.; Johann, David
The effects of political involvement and cross-pressures on multiple party identifications in multi-party systems – evidence from Germany uniba/559212019Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  ; Schultze, Martin
The Perception of Scientific Authorship Across Domains uniba/559102019Johann, David; Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  
How does research productivity relate to gender? : Analyzing gender differences for multiple publication dimensions uniba/559132018Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  ; Rathmann, Justus M. K.
Ideological congruency, social group linkage or the best-evaluated party of all? : Why partisans identify with a political party uniba/559122018Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  
Multiple Parteiidentifikation, politische Involvierung und Cross-Pressures uniba/559232017Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin  ; Schultze, Martin
How negative partisanship affects voting behavior in Europe : Evidence from an analysis of 17 European multi-party systems with proportional voting uniba/559192017Mayer, Sabrina Jasmin