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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
The market value of decomposed carbon emissions uniba/543522023Ott, Christian; Schiemann, Frank  
Under Pressure? : The Link Between Mandatory Climate Reporting and Firms’ Carbon Performance uniba/543512022Bauckloh, Tobias; Klein, Christian; Pioch, Thomas ; Schiemann, Frank  
Trends in der internationalen Nachhaltigkeitsberichterstattung uniba/557972022Schiemann, Frank  ; Spandel, Theresa; Tietmeyer, Raphael
ESG Controversies, ESG Disclosure and Analyst Forecast Accuracy uniba/557982022Schiemann, Frank  ; Tietmeyer, Raphael
Organizational performance as a set of four dimensions: An empirical analysis uniba/543542021Hamann, P. Maik; Schiemann, Frank  
Too Good To Be True: Influencing Credibility Perceptions with Signaling Reference Explicitness and Assurance Depth uniba/543612021Baier, Carolin; Göttsche, Max; Hellmann, Andreas; Schiemann, Frank  
In the Eyes of the Beholder: Experimental Evidence on the Contested Nature of Materiality in Sustainability Reporting uniba/543532020Reimsbach, Daniel; Schiemann, Frank  ; Hahn, Rüdiger; Schmiedchen, Eric
Carbon Disclosure, Contextual Factors, and Information Asymmetry: The Case of Physical Risk Reporting uniba/543552019Schiemann, Frank  ; Sakhel, Alice
Disentangling the determinants of the response and the publication decisions: The case of the Carbon Disclosure Project uniba/543582017Ott, C.; Schiemann, Frank  ; Günther, T.
Stakeholder Relevance for Reporting: Explanatory Factors of Carbon Disclosure uniba/543602016Guenther, E.; Guenther, T.W.; Schiemann, Frank  ; Weber, G.
The relationship between recognised intangible assets and voluntary intellectual capital disclosure uniba/543652015Schiemann, Frank  ; Richter, K.; Günther, T.
Organizations, Climate Change, and Transparency: Reviewing the Literature on Carbon Disclosure uniba/543592015Hahn, Rüdiger; Reimsbach, Daniel; Schiemann, Frank  
Exploring the Dimensions of Organizational Performance: A Construct Validity Study uniba/543622013Hamann, P.M.; Schiemann, Frank  ; Bellora, L.; Guenther, T.W.
Earnings predictability, value relevance, and employee expenses uniba/543632013Schiemann, Frank  ; Guenther, T.W.
Voluntary disclosure of intellectual capital items in roadshows and investor conferences: An empirical analysis of DAX30-companies uniba/543642010Schiemann, Frank  ; Richter, K.; Günther, T.