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The effects of literariness on social-cognitive skills: Examining narrative engagement, transportation, and identification as moderators uniba/554832022Schwerin, Julia; Lenhart, Jan  
Pädagogische Psychologie uniba/556262022Lenhart, Jan  
When do examinees change their initial answers? : The influence of task instruction, response confidence, and subjective task difficulty uniba/547292022Tiffin-Richards, Simon P.; Lenhart, Jan  ; Marx, Peter
Shared-Reading Onset and Emergent Literacy Development uniba/503962022Lenhart, Jan  ; Suggate, Sebastian Paul; Lenhard, Wolfgang
Interactive elaborative storytelling fosters vocabulary in pre-schoolers compared to repeated-reading and phonemic awareness interventions uniba/503952021Suggate, Sebastian Paul; Lenhart, Jan  ; Vaahtoranta, Enni; Lenhard, Wolfgang
More than words: Narrator engagement during storytelling increases children’s word learning, story comprehension, and on-task behavior uniba/504012020Lenhart, Jan  ; Lenhard, Wolfgang; Vaahtoranta, Enni; Suggate, Sebastian Paul
Language exposure and phonological short-term memory as predictors of majority language vocabulary and phonological awareness in dual language learning uniba/503972020Vaahtoranta, Enni; Suggate, Sebastian Paul; Lenhart, Jan  ; Lenhard, Wolfgang
The effects of gendered information in stories on preschool children's development of gender stereotypes uniba/504002020Seitz, Maximilian ; Lenhart, Jan  ; Rübsam, Nina
Shared-reading in small groups: Examining the effects of question demand level and placement uniba/503992020Lenhart, Jan  ; Suggate, Sebastian Paul; Lenhard, Wolfgang; Vaahtoranta, Enni
The relationship between lifetime book reading and empathy in adolescents: Examining transportability as a moderator uniba/503982020Lenhart, Jan  ; Dangel, Julia; Richter, Tobias
Interactive Elaborative Storytelling: Engaging Children as Storytellers to Foster Vocabulary uniba/504022019Vaahtoranta, Enni; Lenhart, Jan  ; Suggate, Sebastian Paul; Lenhard, Wolfgang
Metacognition in mathematics: do different metacognitive monitoring measures make a difference? uniba/504032019Lingel, Klaus; Lenhart, Jan  ; Schneider, Wolfgang
Rechtschreibung ohne Schreiben uniba/504042019Lenhart, Jan  ; Marx, Peter; Segerer, Robin; Schneider, Wolfgang
The effects of questions during shared-reading: Do demand-level and placement really matter? uniba/504052019Lenhart, Jan  ; Lenhard, Wolfgang; Vaahtoranta, Enni; Suggate, Sebastian Paul
Can explaining less be more? Enhancing vocabulary through explicit versus elaborative storytelling uniba/504062018Vaahtoranta, Enni; Suggate, Sebastian Paul; Jachmann, Cornelia; Lenhart, Jan  ; Lenhard, Wolfgang
Incidental vocabulary acquisition from listening to stories: a comparison between read-aloud and free storytelling approaches uniba/504072018Lenhart, Jan  ; Lenhard, Wolfgang; Vaahtoranta, Enni; Suggate, Sebastian Paul