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Populist Supporters on Reddit : A Comparison of Content and Behavioral Patterns Within Publics of Supporters of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton uniba/496182021Jungherr, Andreas  ; Posegga, Oliver  ; An, Jisun
Disinformation and the Structural Transformations of the Public Arena : Addressing the Actual Challenges to Democracy uniba/502092021Jungherr, Andreas  ; Schroeder, Ralph
Political communication : an international journal uniba/501752021
A Source Like Any Other? : Field and Survey Experiment Evidence on How Interest Groups Shape Public Opinion uniba/502032021Jungherr, Andreas  ; Wuttke, Alexander; Mader, Matthias; Schoen, Harald
Retooling politics : How Digital Media Are Shaping Democracy uniba/501742020Jungherr, Andreas  ; Rivero, Gonzalo; Gayo-Avello, Daniel
Desinformation : Konzepte, Identifikation, Reichweite und Effekte uniba/503312020Jungherr, Andreas  
Mercier, Hugo, Not born yesterday : the science of Who we trust and What we believe / Hugo Mercier: Princeton, NJ, 2020 uniba/503222020Jungherr, Andreas  
The Role of Flag Emoji in Online Political Communication uniba/502112020Kariryaa, Ankit; Rundé, Simon; Heuer, Hendrik; Jungherr, Andreas  ; Schöning, Johannes
Computational Social Science and the Study of Political Communication uniba/502052020Theocharis, Yannis; Jungherr, Andreas  
Digitale Verhaltensdaten und Computational Social Science in der politischen Kommunikationsforschung uniba/503292019Stier, Sebastian; Jungherr, Andreas  
Kommunikation auf sozialen Netzwerkplattforme uniba/503302019Jungherr, Andreas  
Digital Media and the Surge of Political Outsiders: Explaining the Success of Political Challengers in the United States, Germany, and China uniba/502152019Jungherr, Andreas  ; Schroeder, Ralph; Stier, Sebastian
More than opinion expression : Secondary effects of intraparty referendums on party members uniba/502132019Wuttke, Alexander; Jungherr, Andreas  ; Schoen, Harald
Political Discussions in Homogeneous and Cross-Cutting Communication Spaces uniba/491122019An, Jisun; Kwak, Haewoon; Posegga, Oliver  ; Jungherr, Andreas  
Characterizing Political Talk on Twitter : A Comparison Between Public Agenda, Media Agendas, and the Twitter Agenda with Regard to Topics and Dynamics uniba/491072019Posegga, Oliver  ; Jungherr, Andreas  
Discursive power in contemporary media systems : A comparative framework uniba/491102019Jungherr, Andreas  ; Posegga, Oliver  ; An, Jisun
Context-driven attitude formation : the difference between supporting free trade in the abstract and supporting specific trade agreements uniba/502172018Jungherr, Andreas  ; Mader, Matthias; Schoen, Harald; Wuttke, Alexander
Twitter-Daten in der Wahlkampfforschung : Datensammlung, Aufarbeitung und Analysebeispiele uniba/503262018Jungherr, Andreas  ; Jürgens, Pascal; Schoen, Harald
Schroeder, Ralph, Social theory after the Internet : media, technology and globalization / Ralph Schroeder: London, 2018 uniba/503212018Jungherr, Andreas  
Normalizing Digital Trace Data uniba/503282018Jungherr, Andreas