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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Domain prediction with grouped income data uniba/522072021Walter, Paul; Groß, Marcus; Schmid, Timo ; Tzavidis, Nikos
The Fay–Herriot model for multiply imputed data with an application to regional wealth estimation in Germany uniba/522192021Kreutzmann, Ann-Kristin; Marek, Philipp; Runge, Marina; Salvati, Nicola; Schmid, Timo
Smoothing and Benchmarking for Small Area Estimation uniba/522212020Steorts, Rebecca C.; Schmid, Timo ; Tzavidis, Nikos
Switching Between Different Non-Hierachical Administrative Areas via Simulated Geo-Coordinates : A Case Study for Student Residents in Berlin uniba/522232020Groß, Marcus; Kreutzmann, Ann-Kristin; Rendtel, Ulrich; Schmid, Timo ; Tzavidis, Nikos
The fayherriot command for estimating small-area indicators uniba/522262019Halbmeier, Christoph; Kreutzmann, Ann-Kristin; Schmid, Timo ; Schröder, Carsten
Data-driven transformations in small area estimation uniba/522202019Rojas‐Perilla, Natalia; Pannier, Sörenm; Schmid, Timo ; Tzavidis, Nikos
The R Package emdi for Estimating and Mapping Regionally Disaggregated Indicators uniba/522242019Kreutzmann, Ann-Kristin; Pannier, Sörenm; Rojas‐Perilla, Natalia; Schmid, Timo ; Templ, Matthias ; Tzavidis, Nikos
Analysing radon accumulation in the home by flexible M-quantile mixed effect regression uniba/522252019Borgoni, R.; Carcagní, A.; Salvati, N.; Schmid, Timo
From start to finish : a framework for the production of small area official statistics uniba/522272018Tzavidis, Nikos; Zhang, Li‐Chun; Luna, Angela; Schmid, Timo ; Rojas‐Perilla, Natalia
Modelling the distribution of health-related quality of life of advanced melanoma patients in a longitudinal multi-centre clinical trial using M-quantile random effects regression uniba/522282018Borgoni, Riccardo; Del Bianco, Paola; Salvati, Nicola; Schmid, Timo ; Tzavidis, Nikos
Robust Small Area Estimation under Spatial Non-stationarity uniba/522292018Baldermann, Claudia; Salvati, Nicola; Schmid, Timo
Constructing sociodemographic indicators for national statistical institutes by using mobile phone data: estimating literacy rates in Senegal uniba/522302017Schmid, Timo ; Bruckschen, Fabian; Salvati, Nicola; Zbiranski, Till
Estimating the density of ethnic minorities and aged people in Berlin: multivariate kernel density estimation applied to sensitive georeferenced administrative data protected via measurement error uniba/522312017Groß, Marcus; Rendtel, Ulrich; Schmid, Timo ; Schmon, Sebastian; Tzavidis, Nikos
Simulation Tools for Small Area Estimation: Introducing the R-package saeSim uniba/522342016Warnholz, Sebastian; Schmid, Timo
Longitudinal analysis of the strengths and difficulties questionnaire scores of the Millennium Cohort Study children in England using M-quantile random-effects regression uniba/522332016Tzavidis, Nikos; Salvati, Nicola; Schmid, Timo ; Flouri, Eirini; Midouhas, Emily
Outlier Robust Small-Area Estimation Under Spatial Correlation uniba/522322016Schmid, Timo ; Tzavidis, Nikos; Münnich, Ralf; Chambers, Ray
Spatial robust small area estimation uniba/522352013Schmid, Timo ; Münnich, Ralf