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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
The Social Role of Robots in the Future-Explorative Measurement of Hopes and Fears uniba/54262011Enz, Sibylle; Diruf, Martin; Spielhagen, Caroline ; Zoll, Carsten ; Vargas, Patricia A.
ORIENT: Intercultural Empathy Through Virtual Role- Play uniba/35212010Enz, Sibylle; Zoll, Carsten ; Vannini, N.; Lim, M.; Schneider, W.; Hall, Lynne; Paiva, A.; Aylett, R.
Changing perspective: From Avoiding harm to child's best interests : a comment on Sharkey and Sharkey. The crying shame of robot nannies : an ethical appraisal uniba/35072010Zoll, Carsten ; Spielhagen, Caroline
A Questionnaire to Assess Affective and Cognitive Empathy in Children uniba/2182010Zoll, Carsten ; Enz, Sibylle
Concepts and Evaluation of Psychological Models of Empathy uniba/1742009Enz, Sibylle; Zoll, Carsten ; Diruf, Martin
Spatz oder Taube? Psychologische Beiträge zur Finanzwirtschaft uniba/184372009Zoll, Carsten
Towards Learning 'Self' and Emotional Knowledge in Social and Cultural Human-Agent Interactions uniba/186762009Ho, Wan Chin; Dautenhahn, K.; Lim, M.; Enz, Sibylle; Zoll, Carsten ; Watson, S.
E-motional Learning in Primary Schools : FearNot! ; an Anti-bullying intervention based on Virtual Role Play with Intelligent Synthetic Characters uniba/186782008Enz, Sibylle; Zoll, Carsten ; Vannini, Natalie; Schneider, Wolfgang; Hall, Lynne; Paiva, Ana; Aylett, Ruth
Expressive characters in anti-bullying education uniba/187052008Aylett, R.; Paiva, A.; Woods, S.; Hall, Lynne; Zoll, Carsten
Virtual Role-Play in the Classroom - Experiences with FearNot ! uniba/186642005Enz, Sibylle; Zoll, Carsten ; Vannini, N.; Watson, S.; Aylett, R.; Hall, Lynne; Paiva, A.; Wolke, D.; Dautenhahn, K.; Andre, E.; Rizzo, P.
FearNot!: The use of empathy towards autonomous agents for education purpose uniba/99302004Enz, Sibylle; Schaub, Harald ; Zoll, Carsten
Empathie und Börse. Vortrag auf der Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen, 4.-7. April, Gießen, Deutschland uniba/113212004Zoll, Carsten ; Enz, Sibylle; Schaub, Harald
Empathie und gewalthaltige Computerspiele. Vortrag auf der Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen, 4.-7. April, Gießen, Deutschland uniba/113112004Enz, Sibylle; Zoll, Carsten ; Schaub, Harald
Caring for agents and agents that care: Building empathic realations with synthetic characters uniba/113582004Paiva, Ana; Dias, João; Sobral, Daniel; Aylett, Ruth; Zoll, Carsten
Modelling empathy: The EU-project VICTEC (Virtual Information and Communication Technology with Empathic Characters) uniba/92402003Schaub, Harald ; Zoll, Carsten ; Aylett, Ruth
Empathic virtual agents uniba/113242003Zoll, Carsten ; Enz, Sibylle; Schaub, Harald
Psychologische Aspekte von Aktienanleihen uniba/112942002Zoll, Carsten