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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Representations of Humans, Climate Change, and Environmental Degradation in School Textbooks in Ghana and Malawi uniba/563482022Ress, Susanne  ; Kendall, Nancy; Friedson-Ridenour, Sophia; Ampofo, Yaa Oparebea
Racial Justice in "South-South" Internationalization of Higher Education uniba/566982022Ress, Susanne  ; Thangaraj, Miriam; Majee, Upenyu S.; Speciale, Teresa
Herstellung von Eindeutigkeit : Die Erfassung globaler Kompetenzen durch PISA 2018 uniba/548752022Ress, Susanne  ; Timm, Susanne  ; Taube, Dorothea  ; Costa, Jana  
Post-Foundational Approaches in Comparative and International Education : Uncertain Moves toward Unknown Horizons uniba/512942020Corson, Jason; Ress, Susanne  
Colonial legacies in internationalisation of higher education : racial justice and geopolitical redress in South Africa and Brazil uniba/514072020Majee, Upenyu S.; Ress, Susanne  
Positioned struggles over history : Race in Brazilian South-South cooperation in higher education uniba/512962020Ress, Susanne  
Internationalization of higher education for development : Blackness and postcolonial solidarity in Africa-Brazil relations uniba/512912019Ress, Susanne  
Race as a Political Issue in Brazilian South-South Cooperation in Higher Education uniba/512972018Ress, Susanne  
Internationalization, Southern Diplomacy, and National Identity in Brazilian Higher Education uniba/513042018Ress, Susanne  
Kulturrelevante Pädagogik in der Bijdungskooperation : Einzelfallanalyse an einer brasilianischen Universität uniba/513082015Ress, Susanne  
Racialisation through “Time” in Brazil’s Cooperation in Higher Education: An Ethno-graphic Case Study of UNILAB uniba/513062015Ress, Susanne