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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
The impact of social norms on students’ online learning behavior : Insights from two randomized controlled trials uniba/497982021Günther, Sebastian
A Feedback Information System for Improving Hand Hygiene on a Personal and Organizational Level uniba/498002021Stingl, Carlo ; Günther, Sebastian ; Staake, Thorsten
Empowering personalized feedback on hot water usage : a field study with shower meters uniba/482802020Günther, Sebastian ; Stingl, Carlo ; Coroamă, Vlad C.; Schöb, Samuel; Staake, Thorsten
The behavioral response to a corporate carbon offset program : A field experiment on adverse effects and mitigation strategies uniba/484292020Günther, Sebastian ; Staake, Thorsten ; Schöb, Samuel; Tiefenbeck, Verena
Leveraging Social Norms to Encourage Online Learning : Empirical Evidence from a Blended Learning Course uniba/498012020Günther, Sebastian ; Veihelmann, Tobias; Staake, Thorsten
Towards Digital Transformation in Fashion Retailing: A Design-Oriented IS Research Study of Automated Checkout Systems uniba/461602019Hauser, Matthias; Günther, Sebastian ; Flath, Christoph; Thiesse, Frédéric
NIWM: non-intrusive water monitoring to uncover heat energy use in households uniba/443812018Schöb, Samuel; Günther, Sebastian ; Regensburger, Karl; Staake, Thorsten
Designing Pervasive Information Systems: A Fashion Retail Case Study uniba/443832017Hauser, Matthias; Günther, Sebastian ; Flath, Christoph; Thiesse, Frédéric
Leveraging RFID Data Analytics for the Design of an Automated Checkout System uniba/443782017Hauser, Matthias; Günther, Sebastian ; Flath, Christoph; Thiesse, Frédéric