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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Lecture Notes : Concurrency Topics in Java uniba/537392022Manner, Johannes  ; Böhm, Sebastian
A Use Case-based Investigation of Low-Code Development Platforms uniba/536632022Lichtenthäler, Robin  ; Böhm, Sebastian ; Manner, Johannes  ; Winzinger, Stefan  
Cloud Function Lifecycle Considerations for Portability in Function as a Service uniba/539242022Hartauer, Robin; Manner, Johannes  ; Wirtz, Guido  
Resource Scaling Strategies for Open-Source FaaS Platforms compared to Commercial Cloud Offerings uniba/569012022Manner, Johannes  ; Wirtz, Guido  
CEUR workshop proceedings uniba/502332021
Optimizing Cloud Function Configuration via Local Simulations uniba/520762021Manner, Johannes  ; Endreß, Martin; Böhm, Sebastian ; Wirtz, Guido  
Why Many Benchmarks Might Be Compromised uniba/520772021Manner, Johannes  ; Wirtz, Guido  
SeMoDe – Simulation and Benchmarking Pipeline for Function as a Service uniba/522382021Manner, Johannes  
CEUR workshop proceedings uniba/502322020
When to use FaaS? : Influencing technical factors for and against using serverless functions uniba/492662020Lichtenthäler, Robin  ; Winzinger, Stefan  ; Manner, Johannes  ; Wirtz, Guido  
Troubleshooting Serverless functions: a combined monitoring and debugging approach uniba/502272019Manner, Johannes  ; Kolb, Stefan; Wirtz, Guido  
Towards Performance and Cost Simulation in Function as a Service uniba/502302019Manner, Johannes  
Impact of Application Load in Function as a Service uniba/502312019Manner, Johannes  ; Wirtz, Guido  
Cold Start Influencing Factors in Function as a Service uniba/502202018Manner, Johannes  ; Endreß, Martin; Heckel, Tobias; Wirtz, Guido  
Teaching Clean Code uniba/502292018Dietz, Linus W.; Manner, Johannes  ; Harrer, Simon ; Lenhard, Jörg