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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
When the last child moves out : Continuity and convergence in spouses' housework time uniba/538542022Schulz, Florian  ; Raab, Marcel
Journal of Family Research uniba/532732021
Stability and Change in German Parents’ Childcare Patterns Across Two Decades uniba/501002021Steinbach, Anja; Schulz, Florian  
Attitudes towards sharing housework in couple context : An empirical, factorial survey approach uniba/500992021Schulz, Florian  
Mothers', Fathers' and Siblings' Housework Time Within Family Households uniba/500982021Schulz, Florian  
Women’s Agency in Egypt, Jordan, and Tunisia : The Role of Parenthood and Education uniba/490462020Friedrich, Carmen  ; Engelhardt-Wölfler, Henriette ; Schulz, Florian  
The development of children’s housework performance : Evidence from German time use data, 1991–2013 uniba/467902019Schulz, Florian  
Tagaus, tagein. Wie ältere Paare sich ihren Alltag organisieren uniba/456862019Schulz, Florian  
The choice of indicators influences conclusions about the educational gradient of sex-specific alcohol consumption uniba/459012019Schulz, Florian  ; Wolstein, Jörg  ; Engelhardt-Wölfler, Henriette
Who should do the housework? : Evidence from a factorial survey on the attitude towards sharing domestic labor in Germany uniba/467742019Schulz, Florian  
Demographic and Human Development in the Middle East and North Africa uniba/430762018Engelhardt-Wölfler, Henriette ; Schulz, Florian  ; Büyükkececi, Zafer
Kontinuität trotz Wandel : Die Bedeutung traditioneller Familienleitbilder für die Berufsverläufe von Müttern und Vätern uniba/438522018Mühling, Tanja; Rost, Harald ; Rupp, Marina; Schulz, Florian  
Zeitverwendung in der Familie : Einleitung in das Schwerpunktthemenheft uniba/534752018Kreyenfeld, Michaela; Schulz, Florian  
Relative education, parenthood, and couples’ division of paid work : Evidence from German census data uniba/534762018Buschner, Andrea; Adam, Ursula; Schulz, Florian  
Health and Housework in Later Life: A Longitudinal Study of Retired Couples uniba/440842018Leopold, Thomas; Schulz, Florian  
Gender Convergence in Housework Time : A Life Course and Cohort Perspective uniba/441182018Leopold, Thomas; Skopek, Jan; Schulz, Florian  
The development, educational stratification and decomposition of mothers’ and fathers’ childcare time in Germany. An update for 2001-2013 uniba/430732017Schulz, Florian  ; Engelhardt-Wölfler, Henriette
Demographic developments in the Middle East and North Africa uniba/423122017Engelhardt-Wölfler, Henriette ; Schulz, Florian  
The development and the educational stratification of women’s and men’s childcare time in Germany : An update for 2001–2013 uniba/426482017Schulz, Florian  ; Engelhardt-Wölfler, Henriette
Supplement to the article "The development, educational stratification and decomposition of mothers' and fathers' childcare time in Germany. An update for 2001-2013" uniba/426832017Schulz, Florian  ; Engelhardt-Wölfler, Henriette