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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Female, white, 27? : Bias Evaluation on Data and Algorithms for Affect Recognition in Faces uniba/550362022Pahl, Jaspar ; Rieger, Ines  ; Möller, Anna; Wittenberg, Thomas; Schmid, Ute  
CorrLoss : Integrating Co-Occurrence Domain Knowledge for Affect Recognition uniba/580252022Rieger, Ines  ; Pahl, Jaspar ; Finzel, Bettina  ; Schmid, Ute  
Deriving Temporal Prototypes from Saliency Map Clusters for the Analysis of Deep-Learning-based Facial Action Unit Classification uniba/550372021Finzel, Bettina  ; Kollmann, Rene; Rieger, Ines  ; Pahl, Jaspar ; Schmid, Ute  
Kolloquium Forschende Frauen 2020 : Gender in Gesellschaft 4.0 : Beiträge Bamberger Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen uniba/500502021Rauscher, Judith; Deuschel, Jessica; Finzel, Bettina  ; Rieger, Ines  ; Wagner, Anne  ; Seiferth, Caroline  ; Oehlhorn, Caroline  ; Hlukhovych, Adrianna  
Uncovering the Bias in Facial Expressions uniba/503042021Deuschel, Jessica; Finzel, Bettina  ; Rieger, Ines  
Unique Class Group Based Multi-Label Balancing Optimizer for Action Unit Detection uniba/503072020Rieger, Ines  ; Pahl, Jaspar ; Seuß, Dominik
Verifying Deep Learning-based Decisions for Facial Expression Recognition uniba/492242020Rieger, Ines  ; Kollmann, Rene; Finzel, Bettina  ; Seuß, Dominik; Schmid, Ute  
Multi-label Learning with Missing Values using Combined Facial Action Unit Datasets uniba/503062020Pahl, Jaspar ; Rieger, Ines  ; Seuß, Dominik
Towards Real-Time Head Pose Estimation : Exploring Parameter-Reduced Residual Networks on In-the-wild Datasets uniba/492742019Rieger, Ines  ; Hauenstein, Thomas; Hettenkofer, Sebastian; Garbas, Jens-Uwe