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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Perception and privilege uniba/541222022Mayerhoffer, Daniel  ; Schulz, Jan  
A network-based explanation of inequality perceptions uniba/535552022Schulz, Jan  ; Mayerhoffer, Daniel  ; Gebhard, Anna
Marginalisation and Misperception : Perceiving Gender and Racial Wage Gaps in Ego Networks uniba/535542022Mayerhoffer, Daniel  ; Schulz, Jan  
Mapping and Impact Assessment of Phenomenon-Oriented Research Field : The Example of Migration Research uniba/522902021Rothenberger, Liane; Pasta, Muhammad Qasim; Mayerhoffer, Daniel  
Equal chances, unequal outcomes? : Network-based evolutionary learning and the industrial dynamics of superstar firms uniba/513762021Schulz, Jan  ; Mayerhoffer, Daniel  
A Network Approach to Consumption uniba/513772021Schulz, Jan  ; Mayerhoffer, Daniel  
A Network-Based Explanation of Perceived Inequality uniba/493932021Schulz, Jan  ; Mayerhoffer, Daniel  ; Gebhard, Anna
On the Fate of Protests: Dynamics of Social Activation and Topic Selection Online and in the Streets uniba/475232020Asgharpourmasouleh, Ahmadreza; Fattahzadeh, Masoud; Mayerhoffer, Daniel  ; Lorenz, Jan
Interaction and Infection : Simulating the spread of a viral disease under non-pharmaceutical interventions from a social science perspective uniba/477772020Klein, Dominik ; Marx, Johannes  ; Mayerhoffer, Daniel  ; Sirsch, Jürgen 
Interaction and Infection uniba/493172020Klein, Dominik ; Marx, Johannes  ; Sirsch, Jürgen ; Mayerhoffer, Daniel  
Raising Children to Be (In-)Tolerant. Influence of Church, Education, and Society on Adolescents' Stance towards Queer People in Germany uniba/439982018Mayerhoffer, Daniel  
Play Away! Why Cheating is Morally Okay uniba/439692017Mayerhoffer, Daniel