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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Narzissmus uniba/480872020Schütz, Astrid ; Röhner, Jessica
Narcissistic Personality Inventory (NPI) uniba/480862020Schütz, Astrid ; Röhner, Jessica
Selbstwert, verletzter uniba/480852020Röhner, Jessica ; Schütz, Astrid
Selbstwert uniba/480902020Schütz, Astrid ; Röhner, Jessica
Training emotional intelligence : Does training in basic emotional abilities help people to improve higher emotional abilities? uniba/481222020Geßler, Sarah; Nezlek, John B.; Schütz, Astrid
Powerful and confident children through expansive body postures? A preregistered study of fourth graders uniba/476202020Körner, Robert ; Köhler, Hannes; Schütz, Astrid
A Meta-Analysis of the Effectiveness of Randomized Controlled Positive Psychological Interventions on Subjective and Psychological Well-Being uniba/481252020Koydemir, Selda ; Sökmez, Aslı Bugay; Schütz, Astrid
Does ego depletion reduce judgment adjustment for both internally and externally generated anchors? uniba/480112020Röseler, Lukas ; Schütz, Astrid ; Baumeister, Roy F.; Starker, Ulrike
Who Commands the Little Soldiers? A Comparison of the Personality Traits of Miniature Wargame Players With Other Gamers and Non-Gamers uniba/479732020Körner, Robert ; Kammerhoff, Jana ; Schütz, Astrid
Even prosocially oriented individuals save themselves first : Social Value Orientation, subjective effectiveness and the usage of protective measures during the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany uniba/480552020Leder, Johannes ; Pastukhov, Alexander ; Schütz, Astrid
Test-Retest Reliability is not a Measure of Reliability or Stability : A Friendly Reminder uniba/480542020Röseler, Lukas ; Wolf, Daniel ; Leder, Johannes ; Schütz, Astrid
Self-interest or joint welfare? Person and situation factors in interpersonal decisions about time uniba/480532020Leder, Johannes ; Bartkowiak, Philina; Niedermanner, Laura K.; Schütz, Astrid ; Rentzsch, Katrin
Dominance or prestige : A review of the effects of power poses and other body postures uniba/482312020Körner, Robert ; Schütz, Astrid
SREIS-D : Die deutschsprachige Version der Self-Rated Emotional Intelligence Scale uniba/481232020Vöhringer, Matthias ; Schütz, Astrid ; Geßler, Sarah; Schröder-Abé, Michela
Improving emotion perception and emotion regulation through a web-based emotional intelligence training (WEIT) program for future leaders uniba/465232020Köppe, Christina ; Held, Marco ; Schütz, Astrid
Willing to do what others won't: Narcissism, risk-taking, and social approval uniba/466222020Leder, Johannes ; Foster, Joshua D.; Schütz, Astrid
Crowdsourcing hypothesis tests : Making transparent how design choices shape research results uniba/481242020Landy, Justin F.; Jia, Miaolei Liam; Ding, Isabel L.; Viganola, Domenico; Tierney, Warren; Dreber, Anna; Johannesson, Magnus; Pfeiffer, Thomas; Ebersole, Charles R.; Gronau, Quentin F.; Ly, Alexander; van den Bergh, Don; Marsman, Maarten; Derks, Koen; Wagenmakers, Eric-Jan; Proctor, Andrew; Bartels, Daniel M.; Bauman, Christopher W.; Brady, William J.; Cheung, Felix; Cimpian, Andrei; Dohle, Simone; Donnellan, M. Brent; Hahn, Adam; Hall, Michael P.; Jiménez-Leal, William; Johnson, David J.; Lucas, Richard E.; Monin, Benoît; Montealegre, Andres; Mullen, Elizabeth; Pang, Jun; Ray, Jennifer; Reinero, Diego A; Reynolds, Jesse; Sowden, Walter; Storage, Daniel; Su, Runkun; Tworek, Christina M.; Van Bavel, Jay J.; Walco, Daniel; Wills, Julian; Xu, Xiaobing; Yam, Kai Chi; Yang, Xiaoyu; Cunningham, William A.; Schweinsberg, Martin; Urwitz, Molly; Uhlmann, Eric L.; Schütz, Astrid
Attachment and emotion regulation uniba/481272020Ustündağ-Budak, Ayse Meltem; Koydemir, Selda ; Schütz, Astrid
Multidimensionale Selbstwertskala (MSWS) uniba/481262020Schütz, Astrid ; Rentzsch, Katrin
Unverfälschbarkeit uniba/480842020Röhner, Jessica ; Schütz, Astrid