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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Handbook of the American Novel of the Nineteenth Century uniba/441382018
The Natural World uniba/441612018Gerhardt, Christine
Reading the Nineteenth-Century Novel in the Present : An Introduction uniba/441652018Gerhardt, Christine
'We must travel abreast with Nature, if we want to understand her’: Place and Mobility in Dickinson’s and Whitman’s Environmental Poetry. uniba/430382018Gerhardt, Christine
Emily Dickinson Now : Environments, Ecologies, Politics ; A Commentary uniba/430302017Gerhardt, Christine
Boschman, Robert, In the way of nature : ecology and westward expansion in the poetry of Anne Bradstreet, Elizabeth Bishop and Amy Clampitt / Robert Boschman : Jefferson, 2009 uniba/430782017Gerhardt, Christine
Imagining a Mobile Sense of Place : Towards an Ecopoetics of Mobility uniba/419992016Gerhardt, Christine
Amerikastudien/ American Studies uniba/420042016
Introduction uniba/420432016Gerhardt, Christine ; Grewe-Volpp, Christa
'Nothing Stays Put' : Displacement and Environmental Memory in American Poetry uniba/399192015Gerhardt, Christine
Hochbruck, Wolfgang, Die Geschöpfe des Epimetheus : Veteranen, Erinnerung und die Reproduktion des amerikanischen Bürgerkriegs / Wolfgang Hochbruck. - (Mosaic ; 39) : Trier, 2011 uniba/430252015Gerhardt, Christine
A Place For Humility : Whitman, Dickinson, and the Natural World uniba/65672014Gerhardt, Christine
Beyond Climate Refugees: Nature, Risk and Migration in American Poetry uniba/65282014Gerhardt, Christine
Religion in the United States uniba/65232011Gerhardt, Christine
Introduction : Religion in the United States uniba/65332011Gerhardt, Christine ; Cortiel, Jeanne; Freitag, Kornelia; Wala, Michael
Radical, Transatlantic, Complex : European American Studies and Interdisciplinarity uniba/36112010Gerhardt, Christine ; Cortiel, Jeanne
Sounding Together: Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson and the Ocean of Organic Life uniba/199932008Gerhardt, Christine
Earth adhering to their roots : Dickinson, Whitman, and the Ecology of Bookmaking uniba/199572008Gerhardt, Christine