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Faces of clinical pain : inter-individual facial activity patterns in shoulder pain patients uniba/498312021Kunz, Miriam ; Prkachin, Kenneth; Solomon, Patricia E; Lautenbacher, Stefan
Attentional processing of pain faces and other emotional faces in chronic pain–an eye-tracking study uniba/500202021Priebe, Janosch A; Horn-Hofmann, Claudia ; Wolf, Daniel  ; Wolff, Stefanie; Heesen, Michael; Knippenberg-Bigge, Katrin; Lang, Philip M.; Lautenbacher, Stefan
Decoding of facial expressions of pain in avatars : does sex matter? uniba/505642021Meister, Eleonora; Horn-Hofmann, Claudia ; Kunz, Miriam ; Krumhuber, Eva G.; Lautenbacher, Stefan
The Pain Assessment in Impaired Cognition scale (PAIC15): A multidisciplinary and international approach to develop and test a meta‐tool for pain assessment in impaired cognition, especially dementia uniba/471602020Kunz, Miriam ; de Waal, Margot W M; Achterberg, Wilco P.; Gimenez-Llort, Lydia; Lobbezoo, Frank; Sampson, Elisabeth L.; van Dalen-Kok, Annelore H.; Defrin, Ruth; Invitto, Sara; Konstantinovic, Ljubica; Oosterman, Joukje; Petrini, Laura; van der Steen, Jenny T.; Strand, Liv-Inger; de Tommaso, Marina; Zwakhalen, Sandra; Husebo, Bettina; Lautenbacher, Stefan
The effects of recovery sleep on pain perception : A systematic review uniba/505652020Strömel-Scheder, Cindy ; Kundermann, Bernd; Lautenbacher, Stefan
Crying out in pain-A systematic review into the validity of vocalization as an indicator for pain uniba/505682020Helmer, Loreine M L; Weijenberg, Roxane A F; de Vries, Ralph; Achterberg, Wilco P.; Lautenbacher, Stefan ; Sampson, Elizabeth L; Lobbezoo, Frank
Effects of oral alcohol administration on heat pain threshold and ratings of supra-threshold stimuli uniba/491032020Capito, Eva ; Lautenbacher, Stefan ; Wolstein, Jörg  ; Horn-Hofmann, Claudia
Demenz und Schmerz : Was ist anders? uniba/505672020Lautenbacher, Stefan ; Kunz, Miriam ; Schuler, Matthias
Pain assessment for cognitively impaired older adults : Do items of available observer tools reflect pain-specific responses? uniba/505692020Kappesser, Judith; Voit, Stefanie; Lautenbacher, Stefan ; Hermann, Christiane
Pain Processing in Older Adults and Its Association with Prefrontal Characteristics uniba/505662020Bunk, Steffie; Emch, Mónica; Koch, Kathrin; Lautenbacher, Stefan ; Zuidema, Sytse; Kunz, Miriam
Schmerz bei Demenz uniba/505632020Achterberg, Wilco P.; Lautenbacher, Stefan ; Husebo, Bettina; Erdal, Ane; Herr, Keela
Differential effects of experimentally induced anxiety and fear on pain: the role of anxiety sensitivity uniba/457042019Metzger, Silvia ; Lautenbacher, Stefan ; Poliakov, Bogomil
Acute alcohol effects on conditioned pain modulation, but not temporal summation of pain uniba/464322019Horn-Hofmann, Claudia ; Capito, Eva ; Wolstein, Jörg  ; Lautenbacher, Stefan
Differential effects of experimentally induced anxiety and fear on pain: the role of anxiety sensitivity uniba/471622019Metzger, Silvia ; Poliakov, Bogomil; Lautenbacher, Stefan
Observational pain assessment in older persons with dementia in four countries: Observer agreement of items and factor structure of the Pain Assessment in Impaired Cognition uniba/471612019de Waal, Margot W. M.; van Dalen-Kok, Annelore H.; de Vet, Henrica; Gimenez-Llort, Lydia; Konstantinovic, Ljubica; de Tommaso, Marina; Fischer, Thomas; Lukas, Albert; Kunz, Miriam ; Lautenbacher, Stefan ; Lobbezoo, Frank; McGuire, Brian E.; van der Steen, Jenny T.; Achterberg, Wilco P.
Assessing pain in patients with dementia uniba/471592019Lautenbacher, Stefan ; Kunz, Miriam
Sleep, Experimental Pain and Clinical Pain in Patients with Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain and Healthy Controls uniba/471342019Strömel-Scheder, Cindy ; Karmann, Anna Julia; Ziegler, Elisabeth; Heesen, Michael; Knippenberg-Bigge, Katrin; Lang, Philip M.; Lautenbacher, Stefan
General versus pain-specific cognition s: Pain catastrophizing but not optimism influences conditioned pain modulation uniba/485082019Traxler, Juliane; Hanssen, Marjolein M.; Lautenbacher, Stefan ; Ottawa, Fabian; Peters, Madelon L
Assessing pain in patients with dementia uniba/495922019Lautenbacher, Stefan ; Kunz, Miriam
Executive Functions and Pain : A Systematic Review uniba/495882019Bunk, Stefanie; Preis, Lukas; Zuidema, Sytse; Lautenbacher, Stefan ; Kunz, Miriam