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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
European Union Actorness in International Institutions: Why the EU is Recognized as an Actor in Some International Institutions, but Not in Others uniba/25032013Gehring, Thomas  ; Oberthür, Sebastian; Mühleck, Marc
Supranational regulatory agencies between independence and control : the EMEA and the authorisation of pharmaceuticals in the European Single Market uniba/141632007Gehring, Thomas  ; Krapohl, Sebastian
A Theory of Emerging Order within Institutional Complexes : How Competition Among Regulatory International Institutions Leads to Institutional Adaptation and a Division of Labor uniba/213872014Gehring, Thomas  ; Faude, Benjamin
Precedent and doctrine in organisational decision-making: the power of informal institutional rules in the United Nations Security Council’s activities on terrorism uniba/482692019Gehring, Thomas  ; Dorsch, Christian; Dörfler, Thomas
Constitutive Mechanisms of UN Security Council Practices. Precedent Pressure, Ratchet Effect and Council Action Regarding Intrastate Conflicts uniba/482682019Gehring, Thomas  ; Dörfler, Thomas
When arguments prevail over power : the CITES procedure for the listing of endangered species uniba/170802008Gehring, Thomas  ; Ruffing, Eva
Credible commitment without independent regulatory agent: Evidence from the Security Council's United Nations Compensation Commission uniba/471822018Becker, Manuel ; Dörfler, Thomas; Gehring, Thomas  
Analogy-based Collective Decision-making and Incremental Change in International Organizations uniba/510872021Dörfler, Thomas; Gehring, Thomas  
Making an Administrative Trustee Agent Accountable. Reason-based Decision-making within the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism uniba/204142009Gehring, Thomas  ; Plocher, Isabel
The Causal Mechanisms of Interaction between International Institutions uniba/203742009Gehring, Thomas  ; Oberthür, Sebastian