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Brand trust and blockchain technology : a consumer and user centered investigation uniba/520162021Fleischmann, Martin
Der Einfluss des wahrgenommenen Alterns auf die Akzeptanz von Smart-Home-Technologien : Wirkung der Future Time Perspective auf das Technology Acceptance Model uniba/499462021Eichner, Andreas
Introducing a departmental branding model to improve the visibility and legitimacy of internal support functions uniba/511822021Kurscheidt, Lisa 
Sponsorship and State-Owned Enterprises : Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Investigations uniba/518672020Dyck, Peter van
Ownership of business relationships: empirical investigations in business-to-business environments uniba/481942020Heerde, Manuel Franz
Relationship Management und Face-to-Face Interaktion im Key Account Management im interkulturellen Vergleich : Zeitnutzung in Deutschland, Frankreich, China und USA uniba/453742019Drahmann, Lisa
Life cycle management and product hedonism and utilitarianism: theoretical considerations and empirical investigations in the car industry uniba/469822019Hermsdorf, Christina
Veränderungen des Key Account Managements durch die Digitalisierung : konzeptionelle Überlegungen und empirische Untersuchungen uniba/470112019Schunke, Martin
Circular Economy in der Praxis : eine organisationswissenschaftliche Betrachtung in der Industrie uniba/469442019Dose, Lars
Price range extension from a premium brand manufacturer of durables : theoretical model and experimental studies uniba/471842019Ziemer, Michael
Advertising directed at children : an empirical investigation from children's and parents' perspectives on TV advertising and advergames uniba/450672018Böttner, Sibylle
The implementation of competitor intelligence: conceptual foundations and empirical analyses uniba/451072018Muhtaseb, Hanna el-
Dimensions of multichannel marketing and effects of consumers' channel perceptions uniba/421232017Hildebrand, Sarah Katharina
Partitioned pricing: characteristics, customer perceptions, and consequences uniba/405912016Vöster, Johannes
The internal Key Account Management activities of supplier firms : conceptual considerations and empirical analyses uniba/404472016Niersbach, Barbara
Innovation Landscape in Developed and Developing Markets : A Conceptual and Empirical Study on Technology Convergence and Low Cost Innovations uniba/401962016Agarwal, Nivedita
Haptics in multisensory marketing : theoretical and empirical investigations of the effect of weight on product evaluation and consumer response uniba/409532016Kampfer, Kristina
Virtuelle Aktienmärkte in der betriebswirtschaftlichen Anwendung : eine empirische Analyse uniba/403992015Horn, Christian
When customers become experts : a multi-method analysis of customer empowerment in healthcare with respect to the elderly uniba/391802015Scholz, Stefanie
Kundenerwartungen an diskontinuierliche Innovationen uniba/402772015Dangelmayer, Andreas M.