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History-dependent changes to distribution of dominance phases in multistable perception uniba/588892023Pastukhov, Alexander  ; Styrnal, Malin; Carbon, Claus-Christian  
Reconstructing a disambiguation sequence that forms perceptual memory of multistable displays via reverse correlation method : bias onset perception but gently uniba/588882023Pastukhov, Alexander  ; Koßmann, Lisa; Carbon, Claus-Christian  
Keeping the kids home : Increasing concern for others in times of crisis uniba/570052023Leder, Johannes  ; Schütz, Astrid  ; Pastukhov, Alexander  
Where’s my button? : evaluating the user experience of surface haptics in featureless automotive user interfaces uniba/550702022Breitschaft, Stefan ; Pastukhov, Alexander  ; Carbon, Claus-Christian  
Change not State: Perceptual coupling in multistable displays reflects transient bias induced by perceptual change uniba/548392022Pastukhov, Alexander  ; Carbon, Claus-Christian  
Bistablehistory : an R package for history-dependent analysis of perceptual time series uniba/555342022Pastukhov, Alexander  
Clever Cats: Do They Utilize Change Blindness as a Covered Approaching Strategy? uniba/530532021Pastukhov, Alexander  ; Carbon, Claus-Christian  
When perception is stronger than physics: Perceptual similarities rather than laws of physics govern the perception of interacting objects uniba/545652021Pastukhov, Alexander  ; Koßmann, Lisa; Carbon, Claus-Christian  
History-dependent changes of Gamma distribution in multistable perception uniba/530552020Pastukhov, Alexander  ; Styrnal, Malin; Carbon, Claus-Christian  
Perceptual switch creates a transient bias in favor of the new state at neighboring locations : stimulus ambiguity does not matter uniba/550772020Pastukhov, Alexander  ; Carbon, Claus-Christian  
Shape specificity of neural persistence for the kinetic-depth effect matches perceptual adaptation but not sensory memory uniba/482012020Pastukhov, Alexander  ; Burkel, Kristina; Carbon, Claus-Christian  
Even prosocially oriented individuals save themselves first : Social Value Orientation, subjective effectiveness and the usage of protective measures during the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany uniba/480552020Leder, Johannes  ; Pastukhov, Alexander  ; Schütz, Astrid  
Sharing with a stranger : people are more generous with time than money uniba/488972020Leder, Johannes  ; Pastukhov, Alexander  ; Schütz, Astrid  
Social value orientation, subjective effectiveness, perceived cost, and the use of protective measures during the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany uniba/488962020Leder, Johannes  ; Pastukhov, Alexander  ; Schütz, Astrid  
Psychophysical testing in virtual reality : The future lab Setting or misleading garden-path? uniba/551282019Knebel, Katharina; Pastukhov, Alexander  ; Carbon, Claus-Christian  
Location-specific priming of perceptual reversals for kinetic-depth effect uniba/551362019Pastukhov, Alexander  ; Zaus, Christina Rita; Carbon, Claus-Christian  
Perceptual inference is facilitated by transient propagation of information about newly established state to nearby locations uniba/550882019Pastukhov, Alexander  ; Carbon, Claus-Christian  
Bistable photos do not pop out but provoke a prolonged inspection uniba/551302019Styrnal, Malin; Walther, K.; Pastukhov, Alexander  ; Carbon, Claus-Christian  
Add-on gamification might help to increase participants' motivation, but not evidently their performance in a visual color-matching task. Perception uniba/551392019Raab, Marius  ; Burmester, Antonie; Carbon, Claus-Christian  ; Pastukhov, Alexander  
Historic Faces : An investigation of head and eye direction in art portraits across 1000 years of Western history uniba/551382019Schneider, Tobias  ; Pastukhov, Alexander  ; Carbon, Claus-Christian