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Inequality, macroeconomic performance and political polarization : a panel analysis of 20 advanced democracies uniba/535802022Proaño Acosta, Christian  ; Peña Méndez, Juan Carlos ; Saalfeld, Thomas  
Uni.vers Forschung : das Magazin der Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg uniba/500412022Achter, Patricia ; Braches-Chyrek, Rita  ; Düchs, Martin  ; Färber, Tanja  ; Finzel, Bettina  ; Ganesch, Franziska ; Graichen, Joanna  ; Horn, Matthias  ; Oehler, Andreas  ; Posegga, Oliver  ; Proaño Acosta, Christian  ; Scheltjens, Werner  ; Schmid, Ute  ; Schneider, Pauline  ; Staake, Thorsten ; Steins-Löber, Sabine  ; Stingl, Carlo ; Stöckl, Andreas ; Struck, Olaf  ; Seiferth, Caroline  ; Wolstein, Jörg  
Are some people more equal than others? : experimental evidence on group identity and income inequality uniba/499022021Lustenhouwer, Joep; Makarewicz, Tomasz; Peña Méndez, Juan Carlos ; Proaño Acosta, Christian  
Animal spirits, risk premia and monetary policy at the zero lower bound uniba/485222020Proaño Acosta, Christian  ; Lojak, Benjamin
On the Macroeconomic and Social Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic in Latin America and the Developing World uniba/485252020Proaño Acosta, Christian  
Cross-border banking and macroprudential policies in asymmetric monetary unions uniba/485272020Dräger, Lena; Proaño Acosta, Christian  
Does monetary policy react asymmetrically to exchange rate misalignments? Evidence for South Africa uniba/485172020Mateane, Lebogang; Proaño Acosta, Christian  
Animal spirits, risk premia and monetary policy at the zero lower bound uniba/485182020Proaño Acosta, Christian  ; Lojak, Benjamin
Capital-constrained loan creation, stock markets and monetary policy in a behavioral new Keynesian model uniba/486212020Kotb, Naira ; Proaño Acosta, Christian  
Monetary policy with a state-dependent inflation target in a behavioral two-country monetary union model uniba/489902020Proaño Acosta, Christian  ; Lojak, Benjamin
Characterizing the financial cycle : Evidence from a frequency domain analysis uniba/485242019Strohsal, Till; Proaño Acosta, Christian  ; Wolters, Jürgen
Low interest rates, bank's search-for-yield behavior and financial portfolio management uniba/470132019Lojak, Benjamin; Makarewicz, Tomasz; Proaño Acosta, Christian  
Does international-reserves targeting decrease the vulnerability to capital flights? uniba/485202018Kato, Mika; Proaño Acosta, Christian  ; Semmler, Willy
Evaluating the predicting power of ordered probit models for multiple business cycle phases in the U.S. and Japan uniba/485232018Proaño Acosta, Christian  ; Tarassow, Artur
Macroeconomic and stock market interactions with endogenous aggregate sentiment dynamics uniba/485282018Flaschel, Peter; Charpe, Matthieu; Galanis, Giorgos; Proaño Acosta, Christian  ; Veneziani, Roberto
Dissecting the financial cycle with dynamic factor models uniba/485212017Menden, Christian ; Proaño Acosta, Christian  
Detecting and Predicting Economic Accelerations, Recessions, and Normal Growth Periods in Real-Time uniba/485312017Proaño Acosta, Christian  
Business confidence and macroeconomic dynamics in a nonlinear two-country framework with aggregate opinion dynamics uniba/485512016Charpe, Matthieu; Chiarella, Carl; Flaschel, Peter; Proaño Acosta, Christian  
Optimal monetary policy under learning and structural uncertainty in a New Keynesian model with a cost channel and inflation inertia uniba/485302016Bask, Mikael; Proaño Acosta, Christian  
Escape routes from sovereign default risk in the euro area uniba/485462015Semmler, Willi; Proaño Acosta, Christian