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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Health Returns to Education Across the Life Course : Measuring Health in Children and Adolescents in the National Educational Panel Study uniba/541212022Kroh, Jacqueline  ; Gebel, Michael  ; Heineck, Guido  
Gender Differences Among Youth : Education to Job Transitions in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Tajikistan uniba/523182021Gebel, Michael  ; Gatskova, Kseniia; Karabchuk, Tatiana
Introduction: Youth transitions in times of labour market insecurity uniba/523282021Gebel, Michael  ; Unt, Marge; Bertolini, Sonia; Deliyanni-Kouimtzi, Vassiliki; Hofäcker, Dirk
Conclusions: Integrating perspectives on youth transitions and the risk of social exclusion uniba/523212021Bertolini, Sonia; Deliyanni-Kouimtzi, Vassiliki; Gebel, Michael  ; Hofäcker, Dirk; Unt, Marge
Social exclusion of youth in Europe : the multifaceted consequences of labour market insecurity uniba/523092021
Education tracking and adolescent smoking: a counterfactual and prospective cohort study uniba/549592021Lin, Wen-Hsu; Gebel, Michael  
Political Participation and Political Attitudes as Returns to Education in the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS): Conceptual Framework and Measurement uniba/490662020Bömmel, Nadja ; Gebel, Michael  ; Heineck, Guido  
Returns to Education Across the Life Course : Measuring Health in Adults in the National Educational Panel Study uniba/490642020Kroh, Jacqueline  ; Gebel, Michael  ; Heineck, Guido  
Young Women’s Transition from Education to Work in the Caucasus and Central Asia uniba/485962020Gebel, Michael  
Returns to education in the life course uniba/464522019Gebel, Michael  ; Heineck, Guido  
Unemployment, well-being, and the moderating role of education policies: A multilevel study uniba/468442019Högberg, Björn; Voßemer, Jonas; Gebel, Michael  ; Strandh, Mattias
Social Exclusion of Youth in Europe: Consequences of Labour Market Insecurity uniba/468452018Unt, Marge; Gebel, Michael  ; Bertolini, Sonia
Studies of transition states and societies uniba/469122018
The effect of an early-career involuntary job loss on later life health in Europe uniba/439882018Voßemer, Jonas; Gebel, Michael  ; Nizalova, Olena; Nikolaieva, Olga
The role of education institutions for the transition from education to work : A European comparative perspective uniba/440072018Gebel, Michael  
Proposal for future research based on EXCEPT project. uniba/451342018Gebel, Michael  ; Hofäcker, Dirk; Jeliazkova, Maria; Schadow, Sina; Täht, Kadri; Unt, Marge
Synthesis of the main empirical findings of EXCEPT project uniba/451522018Unt, Marge; Gebel, Michael  
The effects of unemployment and temporary employment on leaving the parental home in Germany uniba/440202017Gebel, Michael  
The Effects of Unemployment and Insecure Jobs on Well-Being and Health : The Moderating Role of Labor Market Policies uniba/425342017Voßemer, Jonas; Gebel, Michael  ; Täht, Kadri; Unt, Marge; Högberg, Björn; Strandh, Mattias
Familienverständnis in Nordafrika und dem Nahen Osten : Analysen zu familiären Rollen und zur Abgrenzung vom Staat uniba/422992017Gebel, Michael  ; Heyne, Stefanie