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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
One DB Does Not Fit It All : Teaching the Differences in Advanced Database Systems uniba/496262021Wiese, Lena; Benabbas, Aboubakr  ; Elmamooz, Golnaz  ; Nicklas, Daniela  
Data-sharing markets for integrating IoT data processing functionalities uniba/496112021Kasrin, Nasr ; Benabbas, Aboubakr  ; Elmamooz, Golnaz  ; Nicklas, Daniela  ; Steuer, Simon ; Sünkel, Michael  
Towards Adaptive Sensor Data Quality Improvement based on Context Models uniba/488922020Benabbas, Aboubakr  ; Steuer, Simon ; Nicklas, Daniela  
Measure particulate matter by yourself: data-quality monitoring in a citizen science project uniba/496152019Benabbas, Aboubakr  ; Geißelbrecht, Martin; Nikol, Gabriel; Mahr, Lukas; Nähr, Daniel; Steuer, Simon ; Wiesemann, Gabriele; Müller, Thomas; Nicklas, Daniela  ; Wieland, Thomas
Know Thy Quality : Assessment of Device Detection by WiFi Signals uniba/501592019Rütermann, Tim; Benabbas, Aboubakr  ; Nicklas, Daniela  
Quality-Aware Sensor Data Stream Management in a Living Lab Environment uniba/501582019Benabbas, Aboubakr  ; Nicklas, Daniela  
Towards Quality Aware Sensor Data Stream Processing in a Smart CityLiving Lab uniba/496142017Benabbas, Aboubakr  ; Steuer, Simon ; Nicklas, Daniela  
Living Lab Bamberg : an infrastructure to explore smart city research challenges in the wild uniba/501602017Benabbas, Aboubakr  ; Elmamooz, Golnaz  ; Lagesse, Brent; Nicklas, Daniela  ; Schmid, Ute