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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Workflow Management Systems Benchmarking : Unfulfilled Expectations and Lessons Learned uniba/428602017Wirtz, Guido  ; Lenhard, Jörg; Harrer, Simon ; Geiger, Matthias ; Pautasso, Cesare
Automatic Standard Compliance Assessment of BPMN 2.0 Process Models uniba/428612017Geiger, Matthias ; Neugebauer, Philipp; Vorndran, Andreas
BPMN 2.0 : The state of support and implementation uniba/428662017Geiger, Matthias ; Harrer, Simon ; Lenhard, Jörg; Wirtz, Guido  
Process Engine Benchmarking with Betsy – Current Status and Future Directions uniba/428592016Geiger, Matthias ; Harrer, Simon ; Lenhard, Jörg
On the Measurement of Design-Time Adaptability for Process-Based Systems uniba/428632015Lenhard, Jörg; Geiger, Matthias ; Wirtz, Guido  
BPMN Conformance in Open Source Engines uniba/218722015Geiger, Matthias ; Harrer, Simon ; Lenhard, Jörg; Casar, Mathias; Vorndran, Andreas; Wirtz, Guido  
Improving the Static Analysis Conformance of BPEL Engines with BPELlint uniba/219172015Harrer, Simon ; Geiger, Matthias ; Preißinger, Christian R.; Bimamisa, David; Schuberth, Stephan J.A.; Wirtz, Guido  
Detecting Interoperability and Correctness Issues in BPMN 2.0 Process Models uniba/14222013Geiger, Matthias ; Wirtz, Guido  
BPMN 2.0 Serialization - Standard Compliance Issues and Evaluation of Modeling Tools uniba/25002013Geiger, Matthias ; Wirtz, Guido  
BPMN 2.0 Process Model Serialization Constraints uniba/16482013Geiger, Matthias
A Proposal for Checking the Conformance of ebBP-ST Choreographies and WS-BPEL Orchestrations uniba/55222011Geiger, Matthias ; Schönberger, Andreas ; Wirtz, Guido  
Towards Automated Conformance Checking of ebBP-ST Choreographies and Corresponding WS-BPEL Based Orchestrations uniba/55232011Geiger, Matthias ; Schönberger, Andreas ; Wirtz, Guido  
QoS-Enabled B2B Integration uniba/2142009Benker, Thomas; Fritzemeier, Stefan; Geiger, Matthias ; Harrer, Simon ; Kessner, Tristan; Schwalb, Johannes; Schönberger, Andreas ; Wirtz, Guido