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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Building Orchestrations in B2Bi – The Case of BPEL 2.0 and BPMN 2.0 uniba/6662012Lenhard, Jörg; Wirtz, Guido  
The CHORCH Approach : how to Model B2Bi Choreographie for Orchestration Execution uniba/3462012Schönberger, Andreas
Visualizing B2Bi Choreographies uniba/58962011Schönberger, Andreas
A Model-Driven Approach for Monitoring ebBP BusinessTransactions ; ( 2nd Place in the IEEE 2011 Services Cup Competition) uniba/55672011Harrer, Simon ; Schönberger, Andreas ; Wirtz, Guido  
Do We Need a Refined Choreography Notion? uniba/55742011Schönberger, Andreas
Streamlining Pattern Support Assessment for Service Composition Languages uniba/55302011Lenhard, Jörg; Schönberger, Andreas ; Wirtz, Guido  
A Proposal for Checking the Conformance of ebBP-ST Choreographies and WS-BPEL Orchestrations uniba/55222011Geiger, Matthias ; Schönberger, Andreas ; Wirtz, Guido  
Has WS-I's Work Resulted in WS-* Interoperability? uniba/55132011Schönberger, Andreas ; Schwalb, Johannes; Wirtz, Guido  
Towards Automated Conformance Checking of ebBP-ST Choreographies and Corresponding WS-BPEL Based Orchestrations uniba/55232011Geiger, Matthias ; Schönberger, Andreas ; Wirtz, Guido  
Edit Distance-Based Pattern Support Assessment of Orchestration Languages uniba/47522011Lenhard, Jörg; Schönberger, Andreas ; Wirtz, Guido  
RosettaNet: RosettaNet Methodology for Creating Choreographies, Release 11.00.00A, July 2011 uniba/48002011Schönberger, Andreas
Analyzing the Interoperability of WS-Security and WS-ReliableMessaging Implementations uniba/2282010Schwalb, Johannes; Schönberger, Andreas
Approaching Interoperability Testing of QoS based on WS-* Standards Implementations uniba/55282010Schwalb, Johannes; Schönberger, Andreas ; Wirtz, Guido  
RosettaNet: Message Control and Choreography (MCC) - Profile-Web Services (WS), Release 11.00.00A, June 2010 uniba/55092010Schönberger, Andreas
The CHORCH B2Bi Approach: Performing ebBP Choreographies as Distributed BPEL Orchestrations uniba/42122010Schönberger, Andreas
Towards Executing ebBP-Reg B2Bi Choreographies uniba/42132010Schönberger, Andreas ; Wirtz, Guido  
Translating Shared State Based ebXML BPSS models to WS-BPEL uniba/42152010Schönberger, Andreas ; Pflügler, Christoph; Wirtz, Guido  
A Composable, QoS-Aware and Web Services-Based Execution Model for ebXML BPSS Business Transactions uniba/42622010Schönberger, Andreas ; Wirtz, Guido  ; Huemer, Christian; Zapletal, Marco
Sequential Composition of Multi-Party Choreographies uniba/42652010Schönberger, Andreas ; Wirtz, Guido  
QoS-Enabled B2B Integration uniba/2142009Benker, Thomas; Fritzemeier, Stefan; Geiger, Matthias ; Harrer, Simon ; Kessner, Tristan; Schwalb, Johannes; Schönberger, Andreas ; Wirtz, Guido