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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Comparing Standard Reference Corpora and Google Books Ngrams : Strengths, Limitations and Synergies in the Contrastive Study of Variable h- in British and American English uniba/540642022Sönning, Lukas  ; Schlüter, Julia  
Data and methods in corpus linguistics : comparative approaches uniba/540602022
Introduction : Comparative Approaches to Data and Methods in Corpus Linguistics uniba/592702022Schlüter, Julia  ; Schützler, Ole 
Language Corpora and the Teaching and Learning of English as an International Language * uniba/572872022Schlüter, Julia  
Developments in English historical morpho-syntax (Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 346) / Claudia Claridge and Birte Bös (eds.): Amsterdam/Philadelphia, 2019 uniba/592712021Schlüter, Julia  
An interactive visualization of Google Books Ngrams with R and Shiny : exploring a(n) historical increase in onset strength in a(n) huge database uniba/494022020Schlüter, Julia  ; Vetter, Fabian  
Variante oder Fehler? : Der Beitrag der englischen Korpuslinguistik zur Lehrerinnen- und Lehrerbildung uniba/470822020Schlüter, Julia  
Sprache und kulturelle Bildung : Perspektiven für eine reflexive Lehrerinnen- und Lehrerbildung und einen heterogenitätssensiblen Unterricht uniba/468412019Beuter, Katharina ; Abraham, Ulf ; Knappe, Gabriele  ; Birzer, Sandra  ; Mayer, Daniela ; Schauer, Markus ; Schlüter, Julia  ; Borgwaldt, Susanne; Göbel, Kerstin; Alvarado-Sieg, Astrid; Memminger, Josef; Dormann, Markus ; Strätz, Theresa
Tracing the (re-)emergence of /h/ and /j/ onsets through 350 years of books : mergers and merger reversals at the interface of phonetics and phonology uniba/494012019Schlüter, Julia  
Synonym Selection as a Strategy of Stress Clash Avoidance uniba/479302018Schlüter, Julia  ; Knappe, Gabriele  
Constraints on the attributive use of 'predicative only' adjectives : A reassessment uniba/415442016Schlüter, Julia  
Rhythmic influence on grammar : Scope and limitations uniba/393132015Schlüter, Julia  
Research methods in language variation and change uniba/25202013Krug, Manfred  ; Schlüter, Julia  
Using historical literature databases as corpora uniba/25602013Schlüter, Julia  
Introduction: Investigating Language Variation and Change uniba/27192013Krug, Manfred  ; Schlüter, Julia  ; Rosenbach, Anette
Early Modern English: Phonology uniba/8712012Schlüter, Julia  
English historical linguistics : an international handbook uniba/9232012Knappe, Gabriele  ; Schlüter, Julia  ; Krug, Manfred  
To dare to or not to : Is auxiliarization reversible? uniba/60082010Schlüter, Julia  
One language, two grammars? / Introduction uniba/172552009Rohdenburg, Günter; Schlüter, Julia  
The conditional subjunctive uniba/172242009Schlüter, Julia