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How Do Social Information Cues Affect Consumers’ Product Choice Experiences? Findings from a Controlled Online Experiment uniba/478082020Friedrich, Thomas ; Overhage, Sven ; Schlauderer, Sebastian
The impact of social commerce feature richness on website stickiness through cognitive and affective factors: An experimental study uniba/457222019Friedrich, Thomas ; Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven
BoSDL: An Approach to Describe the Business Logic of Software Services in Domain-Specific Terms uniba/451582018Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven
Analyzing the Potential of graphical Building Information for Emergency Responses: Toward a controlled Experiment uniba/451452018Weidinger, Julian ; Robel, Martin; Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven
The Good, the Bad and the Indispensable : Insights into the Practical Potential of Emergency Response Information Systems and Drones for Firefighters uniba/442542018Weidinger, Julian ; Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven
Towards a Capability Model for Big Data Analytics uniba/421972017Dremel, Christian ; Overhage, Sven ; Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Wulf, Jochen
Is the Frontier Shifting into the Right Direction? A Qualitative Analysis of Acceptance Factors for Novel Firefighter Information Technologies uniba/424142017Weidinger, Julian ; Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven
Understanding the Role of Social Presence in Crowdfunding: Evidence from Leading U.S. and German Platforms uniba/491172017Raab, Maximilian  ; Friedrich, Thomas ; Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven
New Vistas for Firefighter Information Systems? Towards a Systematic Evaluation of Emerging Technologies from a Task-Technology Fit Perspective uniba/416232016Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven ; Weidinger, Julian
Geschäftsprozessorientierte Systementwicklung : von der Unternehmensarchitektur zum IT-System ; [Sammlung wissenschaftlicher Beiträge zu Ehren von Herrn Prof. Dr. Elmar J. Sinz] uniba/416282016Bach, Alexander; Bader, Florian; Becker, Jörg; Benker, Thomas; Bork, Dominik; Clever, Nico; Duske, Armin; Esswein, Werner; Ferstl, Otto K. ; Fischbach, Kai  ; Fischer, Gerlinde; Frank, Ulrich; Friedrich, Thomas ; Härer, Felix; Hartmann, Beate; Herz, Richard Alan; Jacob, Michael; Jürck, Carsten ; Karagiannis, Dimitris; Kiehl, Tobias ; Knobloch, Bernd; Malischewski, Carsten; Overhage, Sven ; Popp, Karl M.; Riehle, Dennis M.; Robel, Martin; Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Staake, Thorsten ; Steffan, Andreas; Strahringer, Susanne; Teusch, Andree; Weitzel, Tim  ; Wismer, Simone; Wolf, Matthias ; Xiang, Li
Einleitung uniba/417362016Fischbach, Kai  ; Overhage, Sven ; Staake, Thorsten ; Weitzel, Tim  
Unveiling the Impacts of Social Commerce Features : An Integrated Research Model uniba/416592016Friedrich, Thomas ; Overhage, Sven ; Schlauderer, Sebastian
The More the Better? Exploring the Relationship between Social Commerce Feature Intensity, Social Factors, and Consumers’ Buying Behavior uniba/416512016Friedrich, Thomas ; Overhage, Sven ; Schlauderer, Sebastian
Widely Used but also Highly Valued? Acceptance Factors and Their Perceptions in Water-Scrum-Fall Projects uniba/416362015Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven ; Fehrenbach, Björn
Selecting Technologies for Social Commerce : Towards a Systematic Method uniba/396942015Friedrich, Thomas ; Overhage, Sven ; Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Eggs, Holger
Selecting Cloud Service Providers : Towards a Framework of Assessment Criteria and Requirements uniba/396782015Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven
A Method to Support a Reflective Derivation of Business Components from Conceptual Models uniba/397322013Birkmeier, Dominik; Overhage, Sven
Exploring the Customer Perspective of Agile Development : Acceptance Factors and On-Site Customer Perceptions in Scrum Projects uniba/396802013Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven
Alignment of Business and IT Architectures in the German Federal Government : A Systematic Method to Identify Services from Business Processes uniba/396972013Birkmeier, Dominik; Gehlert, Andreas; Overhage, Sven ; Schlauderer, Sebastian
Qualitätsmerkmale, -metriken und -messverfahren für Geschäftsprozessmodelle : Das 3QM-Framework uniba/397192012Overhage, Sven ; Birkmeier, Dominik; Schlauderer, Sebastian