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Value creation from analytics with limited data : a case study on the retailing of durable consumer goods uniba/537542022Hopf, Konstantin  ; Weigert, Andreas  ; Staake, Thorsten
Augmented Cross-Selling Through Explainable AI : a Case From Energy Retailing uniba/543162022Haag, Felix ; Hopf, Konstantin  ; Menelau Vasconcelos, Pedro; Staake, Thorsten
Uni.vers Forschung : das Magazin der Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg uniba/500412022Achter, Patricia ; Braches-Chyrek, Rita  ; Düchs, Martin  ; Färber, Tanja  ; Finzel, Bettina  ; Ganesch, Franziska ; Graichen, Joanna  ; Horn, Matthias  ; Oehler, Andreas  ; Posegga, Oliver  ; Proaño Acosta, Christian  ; Scheltjens, Werner  ; Schmid, Ute  ; Schneider, Pauline  ; Staake, Thorsten ; Steins-Löber, Sabine  ; Stingl, Carlo ; Stöckl, Andreas ; Struck, Olaf  ; Seiferth, Caroline  ; Wolstein, Jörg  
A Feedback Information System for Improving Hand Hygiene on a Personal and Organizational Level uniba/498002021Stingl, Carlo ; Günther, Sebastian ; Staake, Thorsten
Wozu Smart Meter gut sind uniba/500442021Vogel, Benedikt
Wozu Smart Meter gut sind uniba/509412021Vogel, Benedikt
SmartLoad : Smart Meter Data Analytics for Enhanced Energy Efficiency in the Residential Sector uniba/540432020Weigert, Andreas  ; Hopf, Konstantin  ; Staake, Thorsten ; Rast, André; Marckhoff, Jan
Empowering personalized feedback on hot water usage : a field study with shower meters uniba/482802020Günther, Sebastian ; Stingl, Carlo ; Coroamă, Vlad C.; Schöb, Samuel; Staake, Thorsten
The behavioral response to a corporate carbon offset program : A field experiment on adverse effects and mitigation strategies uniba/484292020Günther, Sebastian ; Staake, Thorsten ; Schöb, Samuel; Tiefenbeck, Verena
Detection of heat pumps from smart meter and open data uniba/488852020Weigert, Andreas  ; Hopf, Konstantin  ; Weinig, Nicolai; Staake, Thorsten
Leveraging Social Norms to Encourage Online Learning : Empirical Evidence from a Blended Learning Course uniba/498012020Günther, Sebastian ; Veihelmann, Tobias; Staake, Thorsten
A Cognitive Computing Solution to Foster Retailing of Renewable Energy Systems uniba/539712019Weigert, Andreas  ; Hopf, Konstantin  ; Staake, Thorsten
Battery versus infrastructure: Tradeoffs between battery capacity and charging infrastructure for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles uniba/472832019Wenig, Jürgen; Sodenkamp, Mariya; Staake, Thorsten
Who can drive electric? Segmentation of car drivers based on longitudinal GPS travel data uniba/472842019Sodenkamp, Mariya; Wenig, Jürgen; Thiesse, Frédéric; Staake, Thorsten
Real-time feedback promotes energy conservation in the absence of volunteer selection bias and monetary incentives uniba/472852019Tiefenbeck, Verena; Wörner, Anselma; Schöb, Samuel; Fleisch, Elgar; Staake, Thorsten
Methoden der Energiedatenanalyse : Schlussbericht ; Vorhaben im Rahmen des Eurostars Projekts E! 9859 BENginell "Energy Data Analytics: Increasing Service Quality and Energy Efficiency in the Residential Sector" uniba/477572019Hopf, Konstantin  ; Staake, Thorsten
A Decision Support System for Photovoltaic Potential Estimation uniba/431132018Hopf, Konstantin  ; Kormann, Michael; Sodenkamp, Mariya; Staake, Thorsten
A Decision Support System for Photovoltaic Potential Estimation uniba/427912018Hopf, Konstantin  ; Kormann, Michael; Sodenkamp, Mariya; Staake, Thorsten
Predictive Customer Data Analytics : The Value of Public Statistical Data and the Geographic Model Transferability uniba/428082018Hopf, Konstantin  ; Riechel, Sascha Jonas; Sodenkamp, Mariya; Staake, Thorsten
The Ambiguous Boundary Between Professional and Private Use of Information Systems uniba/443802018Kupfer, Anna; Tiefenbeck, Verena; Staake, Thorsten