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IT management and change at an energy firm : A teaching case on strategic alignment and business process management uniba/494602021Maier, Christian  ; Laumer, Sven ; Weitzel, Tim  
Personality Profiles that Put Users at Risk of Perceiving Technostress : A Qualitative Comparative Analysis with the Big Five Personality Traits uniba/494622021Pflügner, Katharina  ; Maier, Christian  ; Mattke, Jens ; Weitzel, Tim  
The direct and indirect influence of mindfulness on techno-stressors and job burnout : A quantitative study of white-collar workers uniba/494632021Pflügner, Katharina  ; Maier, Christian  ; Weitzel, Tim  
Gamification : Explaining Brand Loyalty in Mobile Applications uniba/497362021Mattke, Jens ; Maier, Christian  
In-app advertising : a two-step qualitative comparative analysis to explain clicking behavior uniba/497762021Mattke, Jens ; Maier, Christian  ; Reis, Lea  ; Weitzel, Tim  
Digital Health : A systematic literature review and future research directions uniba/498662021Grehling, Jens; Maier, Christian  
Amazon Prime Video Yesterday, Netflix Today : Explaining Subscribers' Switching Behavior from a Retrospective uniba/498652021Meier, Marco  ; Maier, Christian  ; Reis, Lea  ; Weitzel, Tim  
Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) : A qualitative study explaining retail investors’ switching behavior to IT-enabled investments uniba/498622021Meier, Marco  ; Maier, Christian  
How soccer referees changed their mind : A belief-update perspective on digital learning during the Covid-19 pandemic uniba/498672021Laumer, Sven ; Maier, Christian  
Qualitative comparative analysis in the information systems discipline: a literature review and methodological recommendations uniba/498892021Mattke, Jens ; Maier, Christian  ; Weitzel, Tim  ; Thatcher, Jason Bennett
Laziness as an explanation for the privacy paradox : a longitudinal empirical investigation uniba/499592021Wirth, Jakob; Maier, Christian  ; Laumer, Sven ; Weitzel, Tim  
Are IT Professionals Better Off when They Return to Their Former Employer? : An Employee Perspective on IT Boomerang Careers uniba/501182021Maier, Christian  ; Laumer, Sven ; Weitzel, Tim  ; Joseph, Damien
Why do people (not) want to work from home? : An individual-focused literature review on telework uniba/501102021Laumer, Sven ; Maier, Christian  
Managerial Technostress : A Qualitative Study on Causes and Consequences uniba/501122021Pflügner, Katharina  ; Baumann, Annalena; Maier, Christian  
Social Media Stress : A Literature Review and Future Research Directions uniba/499682021Laumer, Sven ; Maier, Christian  
Guiding Companies to Reduce Technostress : A Mixed-Methods Study Deriving Practice-Oriented Recommendations uniba/506062021Valta, Maximilian; Pflügner, Katharina  ; Maier, Christian  
Medical Teleconsulting Applications : An Empirical Study on Elderly Peoples’ Satisfaction uniba/506042021Pflügner, Katharina  ; Hrovat, Florijan; Maier, Christian  
Social Networking Site Use Resumption A Model of Return Migration uniba/506102021Maier, Christian  ; Laumer, Sven ; Thatcher, Jason Bennett; Heshan, Sun; Weinert, Christoph  ; Weitzel, Tim  
Technostress mitigation : an experimental study of social support during a computer freeze uniba/494592020Weinert, Christoph  ; Maier, Christian  ; Laumer, Sven ; Weitzel, Tim  
IS Reappraisal and Technology Adaptation Behaviors : A Longitudinal Study During an IS Implementation uniba/494082020Weinert, Christoph  ; Maier, Christian  ; Laumer, Sven ; Weitzel, Tim