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Gender separation and academic achievement in higher education : evidence from a natural experiment in Iran uniba/518122021Kamal, Zahra
Parents can tell! : evidence on classroom quality differences in German primary schools uniba/517782021Araujo Piedra, Daniela ; Quis, Johanna Sophie 
A Network Approach to Consumption uniba/513772021Schulz-Gebhard, Jan ; Mayerhoffer, Daniel  
Heterogeneous expectations, housing bubbles and tax policy uniba/475992020Martin, Carolin ; Schmitt, Noemi ; Westerhoff, Frank H.  
Revisiting the causal effect of education on political participation and interest uniba/498112020Bömmel, Nadja ; Heineck, Guido  
Macroprudential capital buffers in heterogeneous banking networks: insights from an ABM with liquidity crises uniba/497922020Gurgone, Andrea ; Iori, Giulia
The role of stickiness, extrapolation and past consensus forecasts in macroeconomic expectations uniba/497902020Hagenhoff, Tim; Lustenhouwer, Joep
Exploiting ergodicity in forecasts of corporate profitability uniba/457712019Mundt, Philipp  ; Alfarano, Simone; Milaković, Mishael  
Asymmetric competition, risk, and return distribution uniba/457592019Mundt, Philipp  ; Oh, Ilfan
Inequality, macroeconomic performance and political polarization: an empirical analysis uniba/462502019Proaño, Christian R.; Peña, Juan Carlos; Saalfeld, Thomas  
Topology and formation of production input interlinkages: evidence from Japanese microdata uniba/463602019Arata, Yoshiyuki; Mundt, Philipp  
Autonomy of profit rate distribution and its dynamics from firm size measures: a statistical equilibrium approach uniba/457352019Oh, Ilfan
Measuring the effect of competitive teacher recruitment on student achievement: evidence fro Ecuador uniba/461692019Araujo Piedra, Daniela 
Animal spirits, risk premia and monetary policy at the zero lower bound uniba/460992019Proaño, Christian R.; Lojak, Benjamin
Trend followers, contrarians and fundamentalists: explaining the dynamics of financial markets uniba/462692019Schmitt, Noemi ; Westerhoff, Frank H.  
The perks of being in the smaller team: incentives in overlapping contests uniba/473222019March, Christoph  ; Sahm, Marco  
The behavioral economics of artificial intelligence: Lessons from experiments with computer players uniba/473212019March, Christoph  
Horizontal product differentiation with limited attentive consumers uniba/454792019Saur, Marc Philipp ; Schlatterer, Markus Georg ; Schmitt, Stefanie Y.
Traders, forecasters and financial instability : a model of individual learning of anchor-and-adjustment heuristics uniba/454572019Makarewicz, Tomasz
Housing markets, expectation formation and interest rates uniba/454592019Martin, Carolin ; Schmitt, Noemi ; Westerhoff, Frank H.