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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
How to Build a Network that Facilitates Firm‐level Innovation : An Integration of Structural and Managerial Perspectives uniba/527162021Reck, Fabian ; Fliaster, Alexander  ; Kolloch, Michael
Kundengetriebene Innovation und Digitalisierung uniba/448272019Kolloch, Michael ; Reck, Fabian
Digital Organizing in the Energy Sector: New Value Propositions, New Network Ties uniba/470722018Fliaster, Alexander  ; Bähr, Karolina  ; Kolloch, Michael
Innovation networks in the German energy industry: An empirical analysis of inter-organizational knowledge transfer uniba/428972017Kolloch, Michael ; Reck, Fabian
Implementation of green innovations : The impact of stakeholders and their network relations uniba/428322017Fliaster, Alexander  ; Kolloch, Michael
Digital innovation in the energy industry : the impact of controversies on the evolution of innovation ecosystems uniba/428522017Kolloch, Michael ; Dellermann, Dominik
Innovation risk in digital business models : the German energy sector uniba/428332017Dellermann, Dominik ; Fliaster, Alexander  ; Kolloch, Michael
Preparing Energy Providers’ Knowledge Base for Going Digital uniba/430562017Kolloch, Michael ; Fliaster, Alexander  ; Reck, Fabian
Understanding the Effect of Network Management Capability on Innovation: A Multi-path Model uniba/467822017Reck, Fabian ; Fliaster, Alexander  ; Kolloch, Michael
Innovation management in the energy industry: generation, implementation and diffusion of innovations uniba/420652017Kolloch, Michael
Staatliche Regulierung und Digitalisierung als Antezedenzien für Innovationen in der Energiewirtschaft am Beispiel von REMIT uniba/428562016Kolloch, Michael ; Golker, Oliver