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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
A Daily Diary Study on the Consequences of Networking on Employees' Career-Related Outcomes : The Mediating Role of Positive Affect uniba/447342018Volmer, Judith  ; Wolff, Hans-Georg
Belastungen im Beruf uniba/395192015Schulte, Eva-Maria; Volmer, Judith  
Boundaryless and protean career attitudes : Is the new career successful? uniba/204132009Volmer, Judith  
Calling and burnout : Integrating career research with occupational health psychology uniba/208122013Volmer, Judith  ; Spurk, Daniel; Hagmeier, Tamara
Career stagnation : Underlying dilemmas and solutions in contemporary work environments uniba/207762012Volmer, Judith  ; Spurk, Daniel; Abele-Brehm, Andrea E.
Eine deutsche Version des "Career Futures Inventory" : Zusammenhänge mit Karriereerfolg uniba/208492014Volmer, Judith  ; Spurk, Daniel
Do All Employees Benefit From Daily Networking? The Moderating Effect of the Affiliation Motive uniba/475262019Volmer, Judith  ; Schulte, Eva-Maria; Handke, Lisa; Rodenbücher, Leonie; Tröger, Laura
Dual-career couples : specific challenges for work- life integration uniba/47352011Abele-Brehm, Andrea E.; Volmer, Judith  
Gender, Professional Networks, and Subjective Career Success : Within Early Academic Science Careers : The Role of Gender Composition in Inside and Outside Departmental Support Networks uniba/400922015Spurk, Daniel; Meinecke, Annika L.; Kauffeld, Simone; Volmer, Judith  
How do career adaptability and proactive career behaviours interrelate over time? An inter‐ and intraindividual investigation uniba/475252020Spurk, Daniel; Volmer, Judith  ; Orth, Maximilian; Göritz, Anja S.
Karrierecoaching uniba/394702015Ebner, Katharina; Volmer, Judith  
Multidimensional Networking Behavior in Germany and China: Measurement Invariance and Associations With Objective Career Success uniba/426052017Volmer, Judith  ; Orth, Maximilian; Wolff, Hans-Georg
Networking in der Wissenschaft : „Within-person“-Effekte uniba/208802014Volmer, Judith  ; Wolff, Hans-Georg; Wingender, Laura
Occupational commitment from a life span perspective: An Integrative review and a research outlook uniba/475272019Spurk, Daniel; Hofer, Annabelle; Burmeister, Anne; Muehlhausen, Julia; Volmer, Judith  
Prognose von Berufserfolg : Überblick und aktuelle Trends uniba/207792013Volmer, Judith  ; Spurk, Daniel; Abele-Brehm, Andrea E.
Reciprocal relationships between leader-member exchange (LMX) and job satisfaction : a cross-lagged analysis uniba/51222011Volmer, Judith  ; Niessen, C.; Spurk, D.; Linz, A.; Abele-Brehm, Andrea E.
Tägliches Glück im Berufsleben: Über psychologische Mikroprozessanalysen im Arbeitskontext uniba/400982014Plückhahn, Iris; Spurk, Daniel; Volmer, Judith  
The bright and dark sides of leaders' Dark Triad traits: Effects on subordinates' career success and well-being uniba/414612016Volmer, Judith  ; Gauglitz, Iris  ; Göritz, Anja S.
The Career Satisfaction Scale in Context : A Test for Measurement Invariance Across Four Occupational Groups uniba/401022015Spurk, Daniel; Abele-Brehm, Andrea E.; Volmer, Judith  
The construct of career success: Measurement issues and an empirical example uniba/41502011Abele-Brehm, Andrea E.; Spurk, Daniel; Volmer, Judith