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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Data Structure Identification from Executions of Pointer Programs uniba/473252020Rupprecht, Thomas
Fast Pathfinding in Knowledge Graphs Using Word Embeddings uniba/491402020Martin, Leon  ; Boockmann, Jan  ; Henrich, Andreas  
Lightweight Semantics-Preserving Communication for Real-Time Automotive Software uniba/486592019Yip, Eugene ; Lalo, Erjola; Lüttgen, Gerald  ; Sailer, Andreas
A Multi-Rate Precision Timed Programming Language for Multi-Cores uniba/486582019Girault, Alain; Hili, Nicolas; Jenn, Eric; Yip, Eugene
A generalised theory of Interface Automata, component compatibility and error uniba/447982018Fendrich, Sascha; Lüttgen, Gerald  
A Note on Refinement in Hierarchical Transition Systems uniba/447992018Lüttgen, Gerald  
Optimized Buffering of Time-Triggered Automotive Software uniba/444632018Yip, Eugene ; Lalo, Erjola; Lüttgen, Gerald  ; Deubzer, Michael; Sailer, Andreas
DSIbin: identifying dynamic data structures in C/C++ binaries uniba/429672017Rupprecht, Thomas; Chen, Xi; White, David H.; Boockmann, Jan  ; Lüttgen, Gerald  ; Bos, Herbert
Automated Tooling for the Evolving SDL Standard: From Metamodels to UML Profiles uniba/426062017Kraas, Alexander
Modal Interface Theories for Specifying Component-based Systems uniba/423292017Fendrich, Sascha
DSI: Automated detection of dynamic data structures in C programs and binary code uniba/448062017Rupprecht, Thomas; Boockmann, Jan  ; White, David H.; Lüttgen, Gerald  
Comparing trace recordings of automotive real-time software uniba/430062017Sailer, Andreas; Deubzer, Michael; Lüttgen, Gerald  ; Mottok, Jürgen
A Generalised Theory of Interface Automata, Component Compatibility and Error uniba/402872016Fendrich, Sascha; Lüttgen, Gerald  
DSI : an evidence-based approach to identify dynamic data structures in C programs uniba/413142016White, David H.; Rupprecht, Thomas; Lüttgen, Gerald  
Preface uniba/413912016Heußner, Alexander; Kissinger, Aleks; Wijs, Anton
POSTER: Identifying Dynamic Data Structures in Malware uniba/413772016Rupprecht, Thomas; Chen, Xi; White, David H.; Mühlberg, Jan Tobias; Bos, Herbert; Lüttgen, Gerald  
A Graph-Based Semantics Workbench for Concurrent Asynchronous Programs uniba/413732016Corrodi, Claudio; Heußner, Alexander; Poskitt, Christopher M.
Resource-aware Policies uniba/413942016Bottoni, Paolo; Fish, Andrew; Heußner, Alexander; Presicce, F. Parisi
Nondeterministic Modal Interfaces uniba/413662016Bujtor, Ferenc; Fendrich, Sascha; Lüttgen, Gerald  ; Vogler, Walter
The ForeC Synchronous Deterministic Parallel Programming Language for Multicores uniba/414582016Yip, Eugene ; Girault, Alain; Roop, Partha S.; Biglari-Abhari, Morteza