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What is known and what remains unexplored : A review of the firefighter information technologies literature uniba/542412022Weidinger, Julian  
How Do Individual Social Agile Practices Influence the Development Success? : An Exploratory Study uniba/535872022Meckenstock, Jan-Niklas  ; Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven
Towards Bridging the Gap Between BDA Challenges and BDA Capability : A Conceptual Synthesis Based on a Systematic Literature Review uniba/535692022Hirschlein, Nico  ; Meckenstock, Jan-Niklas  ; Dremel, Christian  
The business value of agile software development : Results from a systematic literature review uniba/546532022Meckenstock, Jan-Niklas  ; Hirschlein, Nico  ; Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven
Which Factors Govern the Use of Emergency Response Information Systems? : Insights from an Ethnographical Study of a Voluntary Fire Department uniba/529312022Weidinger, Julian  ; Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven
How to Realize Business Value through a Big Data Analytics Capability : Results from an Action Design Research Approach uniba/535682021Hirschlein, Nico  ; Dremel, Christian  
Information Technology to the Rescue? : Explaining the Acceptance of Emergency Response Information Systems by Firefighters uniba/529302021Weidinger, Julian  ; Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven
Analyzing and Increasing the Potential of Social Commerce Initiatives : Theoretical Foundations, Empirical Evidence, and Design Recommendations uniba/472692020Friedrich, Thomas 
How Do Social Information Cues Affect Consumers’ Product Choice Experiences? Findings from a Controlled Online Experiment uniba/478082020Friedrich, Thomas ; Overhage, Sven ; Schlauderer, Sebastian
The impact of social commerce feature richness on website stickiness through cognitive and affective factors: An experimental study uniba/457222019Friedrich, Thomas ; Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven
Analyzing the Potential of Graphical Building Information for Fire Emergency Responses : Findings from a Controlled Experiment uniba/529292019Weidinger, Julian  ; Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven
Industrie 4.0 : Marketingkampagne oder Revolutionsbeginn? uniba/435112018Sucky, Eric  ; Gampl, Matthias; Ruh, Alexander; Stelzer, Nina; Weidinger, Julian  
E-Car-Szenario : Hochflexible Geschäftsprozesse in der Logistik als Integrationsszenario für den Forschungsverbund forFLEX uniba/436642018Leunig, Benjamin; Wagner, Daniel; Ferstl, Otto K.
Analyse und Handhabung unvollständig planbarer Geschäftsprozesse uniba/436662018Ferstl, Otto K. ; Leunig, Benjamin; Wagner, Daniel
MVZ-Szenario : Konzeption eines generischen Geschäftsprozessmodells für Medizinische Versorgungszentren uniba/436502018Pütz, Corinna; Wagner, Daniel; Ferstl, Otto K. ; Sinz, Elmar J.  
Consumers’ Perceptions of Different Scarcity Cues on E-commerce Websites uniba/451712018Friedrich, Thomas ; Figl, Kathrin
Analyzing the Potential of graphical Building Information for Emergency Responses: Toward a controlled Experiment uniba/451452018Weidinger, Julian  ; Robel, Martin; Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven
The Good, the Bad and the Indispensable : Insights into the Practical Potential of Emergency Response Information Systems and Drones for Firefighters uniba/442542018Weidinger, Julian  ; Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven
BoSDL: An Approach to Describe the Business Logic of Software Services in Domain-Specific Terms uniba/451582018Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Overhage, Sven
Towards a Capability Model for Big Data Analytics uniba/421972017Dremel, Christian  ; Overhage, Sven ; Schlauderer, Sebastian ; Wulf, Jochen