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Artificial Intelligence in Mental Health : A Qualitative Expert Study on Realistic Application Scenarios and Future Directions uniba/577892023Reis, Lea  ; Maier, Christian 
Information Overload and Presented Lifestyle in Social Media: A Stress-Perspective on the Effects on Mental Health uniba/577882023Reis, Lea  
Chatbots in Marketing : An In-Deep Case Study Capturing Future Perspectives of AI in Advertising uniba/577872023Reis, Lea  ; Maier, Christian ; Weitzel, Tim  
Online Gaming and Personality : Explaining Gamers’ Cheating Intention uniba/575082023Menzel, Johannes; Meier, Marco  ; Maier, Christian 
Business economics in a pandemic world : how a virus changed our economic life uniba/584322023Weitzel, Tim  ; Breuer, Wolfgang; Bischof, Jannis; Fabel, Oliver; Hofmann, Christian; Hundsdoerfer, Jochen
E-Commerce in the Age of Blockchain and Digital Advertising uniba/540732022Mattke, Jens
Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) In Information Systems Research : Status Quo, Guidelines, and Future Directions uniba/542052022Mattke, Jens ; Maier, Christian ; Weitzel, Tim  ; Gerow, Jennifer E.; Thatcher, Jason Bennett
Trial-Period Technostress : a Conceptual Definition and Mixed-Methods Investigation uniba/542042022Maier, Christian ; Laumer, Sven ; Thatcher, Jason Bennett; Wirth, Jakob; Weitzel, Tim  
Repeated IT Interruption : Habituation and Sensitization of User Responses uniba/537722022Weinert, Christoph  ; Maier, Christian ; Laumer, Sven ; Weitzel, Tim  
Decentralized finance : a configurational perspective on UTAUT uniba/540702022Meier, Marco  ; Mattke, Jens ; Maier, Christian 
Digital Convergence : Examining the Dissolution of Industrial and Technological Boundaries uniba/540712022Müller, Lukas; Hund, Axel ; Wagner, Heinz-Theo
How to Establish a Digital Organizational Culture : Insights From a Multiple Case Study uniba/540722022Knecht, Jonathan; Hund, Axel 
Chapter 6: HR machine learning in recruiting uniba/585732022Laumer, Sven ; Maier, Christian ; Weitzel, Tim  
Esports: Explaining Willingness to Pay for Streaming Services uniba/537662022Meier, Marco  ; Maier, Christian ; Mattke, Jens ; Weitzel, Tim  
Uni.vers Forschung : das Magazin der Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg uniba/550512022Andresen, Maike  ; Bela, Anika ; Carbon, Claus-Christian  ; Fischbach, Kai  ; Gebel, Michael  ; Gerholz, Karl-Heinz  ; Hebel, Vera  ; Heineck, Guido  ; Held, Marco  ; Hoffmann, Rasmus  ; Illies, Christian ; Kroh, Jacqueline  ; Kunz, Miriam ; Lautenbacher, Stefan ; Maier, Christian ; Rosseburg, Svenja ; Saalfeld, Thomas  ; Schlagbauer, Lisa Marie; Schmid, Ute  ; Schütz, Astrid  ; Struck, Olaf  ; Vogt, Sabine ; Volmer, Judith  ; Wied, Kristina ; Zehelein, Eva-Sabine
Designing Scaled-agile Organizations : A Taxonomy of Design Criteria uniba/533222022Frey, Julian  ; Hund, Axel ; Beimborn, Daniel  
Breaking Out of the Social Media Prison : Identifying Strategies to Disrupt the IT-Mediated State-Tracking Habit uniba/547752022Schreyer, Nicola; Weinert, Christoph  
Technostress Management at the Workplace : A Systematic Literature Review uniba/533232022Pflügner, Katharina  
Digital Innovation Entrepreneurship : A Review and Research Agenda uniba/558692022Mittermeier, Ferdinand  ; Hund, Axel ; Beimborn, Daniel  
Studying Reconciliation in Nonhuman Primates to Inform IS Use Resumption Literature uniba/586792022Stoeckl, Franziska; Hotter, Nina ; Eckhardt, Andreas; Maier, Christian