Governance of Complex and Innovative Technological Systems

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Computational Social Science uniba/583032023Jungherr, Andreas  ; Posegga, Oliver  
What Drives Perceptions of Foreign News Coverage Credibility? : A Cross-National Experiment Including Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine uniba/585152023Bryanov, Kirill; Kliegl, Reinhold; Koltsova, Olessia; Lokot, Tetyana; Miltsov, Alex; Pashakhin, Sergei  ; Porshnev, Alexander; Sinyavskaya, Yadviga; Terpilovskii, Maksim; Vziatysheva, Victoria
The “qualitative” in qualitative comparative analysis (QCA): research moves, case-intimacy and face-to-face interviews uniba/583802023Pagliarin, Sofia ; La Mendola, Salvatore; Vis, Barbara
One Model, Multiple Stories? Using Agent-Based Models to Unveil Structural Similarities in a Complex World uniba/585782023Mayerhoffer, Daniel  
Digital campaigning : how digital media change the work of parties and campaign organizations and impact elections uniba/591932023Jungherr, Andreas  
Using ChatGPT and Other Large Language Model (LLM) Applications for Academic Paper Assignments uniba/587822023Jungherr, Andreas  
Data Policies in Europäischen Smart Cities: Erfahrungen, Chance und Herausforderungen uniba/529402022Pagliarin, Sofia ; Herrmann, Dominik  ; Nicklas, Daniela  ; Glückert, Hannes; Meyer, Jon; Vizitiu, Patrick
The Extended Reach of Game Engine Companies : How Companies Like Epic Games and Unity Technologies Provide Platforms for Extended Reality Applications and the Metaverse uniba/542612022Jungherr, Andreas  ; Schlarb, Damien B.
Soziale Vergleiche und wahrgenommene Ungleichheit uniba/591792022Schulz-Gebhard, Jan  ; Mayerhoffer, Daniel  ; Gebhard, Anna
Under-represented, cautious, and modest: the gender gap at European Union Politics uniba/534952022Bettecken, Julia ; Klöckner, Ann-Cathrin; Kurch, Charlotte; Schneider, Gerald
Vaccari, Cristian and Valeriani, Augusto, Outside the Bubble: social media and political participation in western democracies: New York, NY, 2021 uniba/574102022Jungherr, Andreas  
Digitale Informationsumgebungen: Echokammern, Filterblasen, Fake News und Algorithmen uniba/574092022Jungherr, Andreas  
A Source Like Any Other? : Field and Survey Experiment Evidence on How Interest Groups Shape Public Opinion uniba/502032021Jungherr, Andreas  ; Wuttke, Alexander; Mader, Matthias; Schoen, Harald
Disinformation and the Structural Transformations of the Public Arena : Addressing the Actual Challenges to Democracy uniba/502092021Jungherr, Andreas  ; Schroeder, Ralph
Populist Supporters on Reddit : A Comparison of Content and Behavioral Patterns Within Publics of Supporters of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton uniba/496182021Jungherr, Andreas  ; Posegga, Oliver  ; An, Jisun
Die Bedeutung digitaler Medien für die Politik uniba/524662021Jungherr, Andreas  
Data policy models in European smart cities : Experiences, opportunities and challenges in data policies in Europe uniba/540512021Pagliarin, Sofia ; Herrmann, Dominik  ; Nicklas, Daniela  ; Glückert, Hannes; Meyer, Jon; Vizitiu, Patrick
Digital Transformations of the Public Arena uniba/542602021Jungherr, Andreas  ; Schroeder, Ralph
Computational Social Science and the Study of Political Communication uniba/502052020Theocharis, Yannis; Jungherr, Andreas  
Retooling politics : How Digital Media Are Shaping Democracy uniba/501742020Jungherr, Andreas  ; Rivero, Gonzalo; Gayo-Avello, Daniel