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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Essays on boundedly rational expectations in macroeconomics uniba/498032021Hagenhoff, Tim
Are some people more equal than others? : experimental evidence on group identity and income inequality uniba/499022021Lustenhouwer, Joep; Makarewicz, Tomasz; Peña, Juan Carlos ; Proaño Acosta, Christian  
A Multi-agent Methodology to Assess the Effectiveness of Systemic Risk-Adjusted Capital Requirements uniba/492682021Gurgone, Andrea ; Iori, Giulia
Essays in Financial Macroeconomics: Corporate Debt, Systemic Risk and Macrofinancial Stability uniba/479432020Lojak, Benjamin
Macroprudential capital buffers in heterogeneous banking networks: insights from an ABM with liquidity crises uniba/497922020Gurgone, Andrea ; Iori, Giulia
The role of stickiness, extrapolation and past consensus forecasts in macroeconomic expectations uniba/497902020Hagenhoff, Tim ; Lustenhouwer, Joep
Capital-constrained loan creation, stock markets and monetary policy in a behavioral new Keynesian model uniba/486212020Kotb, Naira; Proaño Acosta, Christian  
Animal spirits, risk premia and monetary policy at the zero lower bound uniba/485222020Proaño Acosta, Christian  ; Lojak, Benjamin
Cross-border banking and macroprudential policies in asymmetric monetary unions uniba/485272020Dräger, Lena; Proaño Acosta, Christian  
Animal spirits, risk premia and monetary policy at the zero lower bound uniba/485182020Proaño Acosta, Christian  ; Lojak, Benjamin
On the Macroeconomic and Social Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic in Latin America and the Developing World uniba/485252020Proaño Acosta, Christian  
Does monetary policy react asymmetrically to exchange rate misalignments? Evidence for South Africa uniba/485172020Mateane, Lebogang; Proaño Acosta, Christian  
Monetary policy with a state-dependent inflation target in a behavioral two-country monetary union model uniba/489902020Proaño Acosta, Christian  ; Lojak, Benjamin
The rationality bias uniba/455692019Hagenhoff, Tim ; Lustenhouwer, Joep
Low interest rates, bank's search-for-yield behavior and financial portfolio management uniba/470132019Lojak, Benjamin; Makarewicz, Tomasz; Proaño Acosta, Christian  
Animal spirits, risk premia and monetary policy at the zero lower bound uniba/460992019Proaño, Christian R.; Lojak, Benjamin
Inequality, macroeconomic performance and political polarization: an empirical analysis uniba/462502019Proaño, Christian R.; Peña, Juan Carlos; Saalfeld, Thomas  
Characterizing the financial cycle : Evidence from a frequency domain analysis uniba/485242019Strohsal, Till; Proaño Acosta, Christian  ; Wolters, Jürgen
Fiscal stimulus in an expectation driven liquidity trap uniba/446292018Lustenhouwer, Joep
An aggregate welfare optimizing interest rate rule under heterogeneous expectations uniba/450892018Hagenhoff, Tim