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Party soldiers: The selection of electoral leaders in parliamentary democracies uniba/496692021Martínez Cantó, Javier  
Lesen können - Lesen wollen. Über die Entwicklung von Lesekompetenz, Lesemotivation und Leseverhalten uniba/481832020Locher, Franziska Maria
Technology-Based Assessment: A Theoretical Framework, Psychometric Modeling, and Substantial Issues in the Assessment of Cognitive Abilities uniba/477402020Steger, Diana
Germany’s High Childlessness in an International Context: Studies on Gender Role Attitudes and the Transition to Parenthood uniba/458062019Hudde, Ansgar
The Developmental Interplay of Academic Self-Concept and Achievement and the Role of Potential Moderators uniba/458552019Sewasew, Daniel
From K through 12 (or 13?) Students' Health, Well-being and Performance from Preschool to Graduation uniba/458282019Quis, Johanna Sophie
Redistribution: How values, voters and institutions shape the secondary distribution of incomes uniba/469032019Lübker, Malte
Horizontal product differentiation with limited attentive consumers uniba/454792019Saur, Marc P.; Schlatterer, Markus G.; Schmitt, Stefanie Y.
Measuring the effect of competitive teacher recruitment on student achievement: evidence fro Ecuador uniba/461692019Araujo Piedra, Daniela
Is There a Self-Regulated Learning Model in East Asian Educational Systems? A Cross-Sectional Study Based on PISA 2012 uniba/466172019Wu, Yi-Jhen
Framework. Network. Career. How the framework of a Graduate School propels junior research and contributes on an international level uniba/466042019Bernsdorff, Katrin; Bartels, Mareike; Christoph, Simon ; Kraj, Agata ; Martínez Cantó, Javier  ; Saalfeld, Thomas  ; Schmitz, Theresa; Seifert, Olaf  ; Sieberer, Ulrich  ; Siemeister, Sarah; Steger, Diana; Dos Reis Gonçalves, Madalena; Winnwa, Isabel; Zoch, Gundula
Koalitionsverhandlungen und Koalitionsvertrag uniba/468432019Saalfeld, Thomas  ; Bahr, Matthias  ; Hohner, Julian; Seifert, Olaf  
Expanding Public Childcare Services for Under-threes. An Empirical Investigation of Maternal Employment and Gender Ideologies in East and West Germany uniba/437512018Zoch, Gundula
Developmental relationship between declarative metacognitive knowledge and reading comprehension during secondary school uniba/440752018Edossa, Ashenafi Kassahun; Neuenhaus, Nora; Artelt, Cordula  ; Schneider, Wolfgang; Lingel, Klaus
Contractual Arrangements, Formal Institutions and Personalised Crisis Management: Coalition Governance under Chancellor Merkel (2013-2017) uniba/445152018Saalfeld, Thomas  ; Bahr, Matthias  ; Seifert, Olaf  
What to expect after you are expecting? An analysis of mothers' interruption duration and return-to-work behaviour after childbirth uniba/431392018Hondralis, Irina
Unequal Opportunities in Early Childhood Education in India: A Demand Side Perspective uniba/433492018Ghosh, Saikat
Leserlichkeit der Handschrift von Schreibanfängern. Eine empirische Studie zur Erfassung und Bedeutung der Leserlichkeit uniba/441722018Rüb, Angelika
Disentangling the Motivation-Achievement Paradox of Immigrant Students uniba/437552018Miyamoto, Ai
Staging Policy Fiascoes: Unveiling the EU's Strategic Game with Policy-Making Failure uniba/437692018Winnwa, Isabel