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Preparatory Bodies as Mediators of Political Conflict in Trilogues : The European Parliament’s Shadows Meetings uniba/496032019Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  ; Panning, Lara
Asylum and refugee protection: EU politics in crisis uniba/431342018Bendel, Petra; Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  
The European Parliament in justice and home affairs: becoming more realistic at the expense of human rights? uniba/431072018Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  
The Routledge handbook of justice and home affairs research uniba/431082018Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  
Justice and home affairs research: introducing the state of the art and avenues for further research uniba/431012018Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  ; Trauner, Florian
Beyond venue shopping and liberal constraint : a new research agenda for EU migration policies and politics uniba/416462017Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  ; Bonjour, Saskia; Thielemann, Eiko
Protecting or Processing? Recasting EU Data Protection Norms uniba/418502017Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  
Eroding Germany’s Commitment to Data Protection : Policy Entrepreneurs and Coalition Politics in EU Passenger Name Records uniba/412992016Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  ; MacKenzie, Alex
The Communitarization of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice : Why Institutional Change does not Translate into Policy Change uniba/407052016Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  ; Trauner, Florian
The Rule of Life : Family Reunification in EU Mobility and Migration Laws uniba/414792016Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  ; Kostakopoulou, Dora
Institutionalism : Shaping Internal Security Cooperation in the EU uniba/413442016Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  ; Kostakopoulou, Dora
Institutional and Policy Change in the European Parliament : Deciding on Freedom, Security and Justice uniba/216292015Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  
The communitarisation of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice : has institutional change triggered policy change? uniba/216552015Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  ; Trauner, Florian
The role of the European Parliament in international negotiations after Lisbon uniba/61132014Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  
Do supranational EU institutions make a difference? : EU asylum law before and after communitarization uniba/61112014Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  ; Trauner, Florian
Do Supranational EU Institutions Make a Difference? : EU Asylum Law before and after "Communitarization" uniba/62472014Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  ; Trauner, Florian
Policy change in the area of freedom, security and justice : how EU institutions matter uniba/209492014Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  ; Trauner, Florian
What Kind of Impact is Austria Exposed To? : Analysing EU Asylum Law uniba/61362013Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  ; Trauner, Florian
Introduction : Agency and influence inside the EU institutions uniba/61302013Ripoll Servent, Ariadna  ; Busby, Amy
The European Parliament and the Returns Directive : The End of Radical Contestation ; the Start of Consensual Constraints uniba/61622013Ripoll Servent, Ariadna