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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
BeaCON - A Research Framework Towards an Optimal Navigation uniba/483552020Balakrishna, Arun; Gross, Tom
Nationalismus und Globalisierung : Spannungsfelder der Gegenwart uniba/472972020Schubert, Annika; Huf, Dominik; Bollwein, Thomas; Schafhauser, Kathrina ; Wiesinger, Jakob; Hofmann, Sabine
Boundary Management Between Factual Constraints and Emotional Ties uniba/464072019Thormann, Ludwig; Gross, Tom
Towards a Better Understanding of Negotiation in Group Recommender Systems uniba/463812019Gross, Tom
Boundary Management: Between Clear Separation and Ad-Hoc Decisions uniba/463862019Schuß, Martina; Gross, Tom
A Formal Model of the Sematic Structure of Life Domains to Reduce Interruption uniba/464042019Müller, Anna-Lena; Gross, Tom
The Human(s) in the Loop - Bringing AI and HCI Together uniba/463542019Gross, Tom ; Inkpen, Kori; Lim, Brian Y.; Veale, Michael
Lucid Peninsula, a Physical Narrative Art Installation Comprising Interactive 360° Virtual Reality Components uniba/464342019Nisi, Valentina; Dionisio, Mara; Bala, Paulo; Gross, Tom ; Nunes, Nuno
Towards Human(s)-in-the-Loop uniba/464362019Gross, Tom
Visualization of the Relevance: Using Physics Simulations for Encoding Context uniba/464352019Roßner, Daniel ; Atzenbeck, Claus; Gross, Tom
Towards Optimum Integration of Human and Car Navigation System uniba/454702019Balakrishna, Arun; Gross, Tom
Parallel and Distributed Life Domains: Towards a Formal Approach uniba/455832019Müller, Anna-Lena; Gross, Tom
Notification Manager: Reducing Interruptions with Boundary Management Concepts uniba/463682019Müller, Anna-Lena; Gross, Tom
Impacts of Disruption on Secondary Task Knowledge: Recovery Modes and Social Nuances uniba/463662019Oemig, Christoph; Gross, Tom
Investigating the effects of modality switches on driver distraction and interaction efficiency in the car uniba/472482019Roider, Florian; Rümelin, Sonja; Pfleging, Bastian; Gross, Tom
Availability and Boundary Management: An Exploratory Study uniba/463852019Schuß, Martina; Gross, Tom
New Concepts for Presence and Availability in Ubiquitous and Mobile Computing - Enabling Selective Availability through Stream-Based Active Learning uniba/446342018Fetter, Mirko
Human-Centred Computing : Menschenzentrierte Methoden in der Mensch-Computer-Interaktion uniba/446322018Gross, Tom
Automotive Research in the Public Space : Towards Deployment-Based Prototypes For Real Users uniba/445142018Braun, Michael; Roider, Florian; Alt, Florian; Gross, Tom
I See Your Point: Integrating Gaze to Enhance Pointing Gesture Accuracy While Driving uniba/445132018Roider, Florian; Gross, Tom