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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
How Wealthy are the Rich? uniba/522882021Schulz, Jan  ; Milaković, Mishael  
A Network-Based Explanation of Perceived Inequality uniba/493932021Schulz, Jan  ; Mayerhoffer, Daniel  ; Gebhard, Anna
The formation of input-output architecture : Evidence from the European Union uniba/493552021Mundt, Philipp
A Network Approach to Consumption uniba/513772021Schulz, Jan  ; Mayerhoffer, Daniel  
Equal chances, unequal outcomes? : Network-based evolutionary learning and the industrial dynamics of superstar firms uniba/513762021Schulz, Jan  ; Mayerhoffer, Daniel  
How wealthy are the rich? uniba/496552020Schulz, Jan  ; Milaković, Mishael  
Exploiting ergodicity in forecasts of corporate profitability uniba/457712019Mundt, Philipp ; Alfarano, Simone; Milaković, Mishael  
Asymmetric competition, risk, and return distribution uniba/457592019Mundt, Philipp ; Oh, Ilfan
Topology and formation of production input interlinkages: evidence from Japanese microdata uniba/463602019Arata, Yoshiyuki; Mundt, Philipp
Autonomy of profit rate distribution and its dynamics from firm size measures: a statistical equilibrium approach uniba/457352019Oh, Ilfan
A statistical equilibrium perspective on corporate profitability uniba/419952017Mundt, Philipp
Identification of Interaction Effects in Survey Expectations : a Cautionary Note uniba/14052014Alfarano, Simone; Milaković, Mishael
A spectral perspective on excess volatility uniba/210702014Milaković, Mishael; Alfarano, Simone; Livan, Giacomo; Scalas, Enrico
Gibrat's law redux: think profitability instead of growth uniba/31002014Mundt, Philipp ; Milaković, Mishael; Alfarano, Simone
The small core of the German corporate board network: New evidence from 2010 uniba/17382013Milaković, Mishael; Alfarano, Simone; Lux, Thomas
The Real Versus the Financial Economy: A Global Tale of Stability Versus Volatility uniba/17222013Milaković, Mishael; Mundt, Philipp ; Förster, Niels; Alfarano, Simone
Identification of interaction effects in survey expectations: a cautionary note uniba/17492012Milaković, Mishael; Alfarano, Simone
Der dichte Kern des Netzwerks deutscher Aufsichtsräte und Unternehmensvorstände : Verflechtungsstrukturen im Jahr 2010 uniba/8102012Milaković, Mishael; Alfarano, Simone; Lux, Thomas
A statistical equilibrium model of competitive firms uniba/7942012Milaković, Mishael; Alfarano, Simone; Irle, Albrecht; Kauschke, Jonas
Switching rates and the asymptotic behavior of herding models uniba/45382011Milaković, Mishael; Irle, Albrecht; Kauschke, Jonas; Lux, Thomas