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Health Returns to Education Across the Life Course : Measuring Health in Children and Adolescents in the National Educational Panel Study uniba/541212022Kroh, Jacqueline  ; Gebel, Michael  ; Heineck, Guido  
Participatory Budgeting in Germany : Increasing Transparency in Times of Fiscal Stress uniba/549142022Apostolou, Janina; Eckardt, Martina  
The Impact of Teachers on Children’s Human Capital Accumulation : Evidence from a Developing and a Developed Economy uniba/533502022Araujo Piedra, Daniela  
Satisfaction as an outcome, as a means and as a cause uniba/493082021Elsas, Susanne  
Parents can tell! : evidence on classroom quality differences in German primary schools uniba/517782021Araujo Piedra, Daniela  ; Quis, Johanna Sophie 
The Legal Innovation of the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation and Its Impact on Systems Competition uniba/549032021Eckardt, Martina  ; Okruch, Stefan
The Impact of ICT on Policies, Politics, and Polities : An Evolutionary Economics Approach to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) uniba/549112021Eckardt, Martina  
Political Participation and Political Attitudes as Returns to Education in the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS): Conceptual Framework and Measurement uniba/490662020Bömmel, Nadja ; Gebel, Michael  ; Heineck, Guido  
ifb-Familienreport Bayern : Tabellenband 2019 uniba/492822020Elsas, Susanne  ; Schmid, Anna
Returns to Education Across the Life Course : Measuring Health in Adults in the National Educational Panel Study uniba/490642020Kroh, Jacqueline  ; Gebel, Michael  ; Heineck, Guido  
Does test-based teacher recruitment work in the developing world? Experimental evidence from Ecuador uniba/498122020Araujo Piedra, Daniela  ; Heineck, Guido  ; Cruz-Aguayo, Yyannú
Revisiting the causal effect of education on political participation and interest uniba/498112020Bömmel, Nadja ; Heineck, Guido  
"Wie groß ist der kleine Unterschied?" : Eine quantitative Untersuchung von Geschlechterdifferenzen im Studium und im Beruf der Informatik am Beispiel der Bamberger Alumnae Tracking-Studie uniba/499522020Förtsch, Silvia
Trust yoursel: You have the IT-Factor! : Career coaching for female computer scientists uniba/479882019Förtsch, Silvia ; Gärtig-Daugs, Anja  
From K through 12 (or 13?) : Students' Health, Well-being and Performance from Preschool to Graduation uniba/458282019Quis, Johanna Sophie 
Returns to education in the life course uniba/464522019Gebel, Michael  ; Heineck, Guido  
Keep IT Going, Girl! : An Empirical Analysis of Gendered Career Chances and Career Aspirations Among German Graduates in Computer Sciences uniba/479892018Förtsch, Silvia ; Gärtig-Daugs, Anja  ; Buchholz, Sandra ; Schmid, Ute  
Personal Pensions and Homeownership in the EU : An Overview uniba/549022018Eckardt, Martina  
My Home Is My Castle? : Sustainability of Private Pensions and Private Homeownership in Hungary uniba/549122018Dötsch, Jörg; Eckardt, Martina  ; Megyeri, Eszter
Anerkennung ausländischer Abschlüsse: Bürokratieabbau und bessere Informationen könnten die Antragsquote erhöhen uniba/442212018Anger, Silke  ; Bassetto, Jacopo; Sandner, Malte