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A pragmatic randomised controlled trial referring to a Personalised Self-management SUPport Programme (P-SUP) for persons enrolled in a disease management programme for type 2 diabetes mellitus and/or for coronary heart disease uniba/518952021Konerding, Uwe ; Redaèlli, Marcus; Ackermann, Karolin; Altin, Sibel; Appelbaum, Sebastian ; Biallas, Bianca; Bödecker, August-Wilhelm; Botzenhardt, Suzan; Chermette, Chloé; Cichocki, Martin; Dapper, Iris; Dehnen, Katja; Funke, Christian; Gawlik, Angeli; Giesen, Lisa; Goetz, Johannes; Graf, Christian; Hagen, Bernd; Heßbrügge, Martina; Höhne, Phillip Hendrick; Kleinert, Jens; Könnecke, Helene; Küppers, Lucas; Kuth, Nicole; Lehmann, Lion; Lendt, Claas; Majjouti, Khalid; Nacak, Yeliz; Neuhausen, Aliza; Pilic, Larisa; Schneider, Lara; Scholl, Maximilian; Simic, Dusan; Sönnichsen, Andreas; Thielmann, Anika; Van der Arend, Ines; Vitinius, Frank; Weltermann, Birgitta; Wild, Dorothea; Wilm, Stefan; Stock, Stephanie
The Influence of Age, Gender, Health-Related Behaviors, and Other Factors on Occupationally Relevant Health Complaints of Singers uniba/519042021Mathmann, Philipp; Konerding, Uwe ; Deuster, Dirk; Neumann, Katrin
Outcome of Phoniatric Rehabilitation of Dysphgia in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer uniba/494242021Keilmann, Annerose; Wach, Franziska-Sophie; Konerding, Uwe
The Articulation Handicap Scale with 12 items (AHS-12): a short form of the Articulation Handicap Index (AHI) uniba/478322020Keilmann, Annerose; Konerding, Uwe ; Oberherr, Constantin; Nawka, Tadeus
Is a Ratio Scale Assumption for Physician Ratings Justified? Comment on "What Patients Value in Physicians : Analyzing Drivers of Patient Satisfaction Using Physician-Rating Website Data" uniba/488842020Konerding, Uwe
The impact of accessibility and service quality on the frequency of patient visits to the primary diabetes care provider: results from a cross-sectional survey performed in six European countries uniba/486612020Konerding, Uwe ; Bowen, Tom; Elkhuizen, Sylvia G.; Faubel, Raquel; Forte, Paul; Karampli, Eleftheria; Malmström, Tomi; Pavi, Elpida; Torkki, Paulus
Promoting physical activity in persons with type 2 diabetes mellitus : A systematic review of systematic reviews uniba/492602020Konerding, Uwe ; Szel, Clarissa
Development of a universal short patient satisfaction questionnaire on the basis of SERVQUAL : Psychometric analyses with data of diabetes and stroke patients from six different European countries uniba/575722019Konerding, Uwe ; Bowen, Tom; Elkhuizen, Sylvia G.; Faubel, Raquel; Forte, Paul; Karampli, Eleftheria; Malmström, Tomi; Pavi, Elpida; Torkki, Paulus
Investigating burden of informal caregivers in England, Finland and Greece : an analysis with the short form of the Burden Scale for Family Caregivers (BSFC-s) uniba/410892018Bowen, Tom; Forte, Paul; Karampli, Eleftheria; Malmström, Tomi; Pavi, Elpida; Torkki, Paulus; Gräßel, Elmar; Konerding, Uwe
Motivational factors for blood donation in first time donors and repeat donors – a cross-sectional study in West Pomerania uniba/430792017Suemnig, A.; Konerding, Uwe ; Hron, G.; Lubenow , N.; Alpen, U.; Hoffmann, Walter; Kohlmann, Thomas; Greinacher, A.
Which kind of psychometrics is adequate for patient satisfaction questionnaires? uniba/411182016Konerding, Uwe
Articulation handicap index: an instrument for quantifying psychosocial consequences of impaired articulation uniba/407712016Keilmann, Annerose; Konerding, Uwe ; Oberherr, Constantin; Nawka, Tadeus
Some problems with determining the reliability of the EQ-5D-3L: commentary to “Value of EQ-5D in Mexican city older population with and without dementia (SADEMstudy)” uniba/392922014Konerding, Uwe
The validity of the EQ-5D-3L items : an investigation with type 2 diabetes patients from six European countries uniba/393902014Konerding, Uwe ; Elkhuizen, Sylvia G.; Faubel, Raquel; Forte, Paul; Malmström, Tomi; Pavi, Elpida; Janssen, MF Bas
The Use of Creative Analogies in a Complex Problem Situation : Abstract uniba/210402014Damaskinos, Melanie; Lutsevich, Alexander; Dörner, Dietrich ; Schmid, Ute  ; Güss, C. Dominik
Predicted causality in decision making : the role of culture uniba/579712014Güss, C. Dominik; Robinson, Bernadette
What does Cronbach’s Alpha tell us about the EQ-5D? : A methodological commentary to “Psychometric properties of the EuroQol Five Dimensional Questionnaire (EQ-5D-3L) in caregivers of autistic children” uniba/393372013Konerding, Uwe
The inter-rater reliability of stroboscopy evaluations uniba/536122012Nawka, Tadeus; Konerding, Uwe
Preference-based index measurement of health-related quality of life : When does it reflect only arbitrary settings of the researcher? uniba/39022011Konerding, Uwe
Belastung von pflegenden Angehörigen: Wann droht eine Aufnahme ins Pflegeheim? uniba/48812011Bohlken J,; Konerding, Uwe ; Kohlmann, Thomas