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TitleYear of publicationAuthor(s)
Wie motiviert man Menschen zur Preisgabe ihrer Daten? uniba/582922023Leder, Johannes  ; Schütz, Astrid  ; Pridöhl, Henning ; Herrmann, Dominik  
Data Policies in Europäischen Smart Cities: Erfahrungen, Chance und Herausforderungen uniba/529402022Pagliarin, Sofia ; Herrmann, Dominik  ; Nicklas, Daniela  ; Glückert, Hannes; Meyer, Jon; Vizitiu, Patrick
The AppChk Crowd-Sourcing Platform : Which Third Parties are iOS Apps Talking To? uniba/500522021Geier, Oleg; Herrmann, Dominik  
Data policy models in European smart cities : Experiences, opportunities and challenges in data policies in Europe uniba/540512021Pagliarin, Sofia ; Herrmann, Dominik  ; Nicklas, Daniela  ; Glückert, Hannes; Meyer, Jon; Vizitiu, Patrick
Best Practices for Notification Studies for Security and Privacy Issues on the Internet uniba/538092021Maass, Max; Pridöhl, Henning ; Herrmann, Dominik  ; Hollick, Matthias
How Private is Android’s Private DNS Setting? : Identifying Apps by Encrypted DNS Traffic uniba/537822021Mühlhauser, Michael ; Pridöhl, Henning ; Herrmann, Dominik  
How do app vendors respond to subject access requests? A longitudinal privacy study on iOS and Android Apps uniba/486912020Kröger, Jacob Leon; Lindemann, Jens; Herrmann, Dominik  
Guidelines for Writing a High-Quality Thesis with the PSIThesis Template uniba/484282020Herrmann, Dominik  
Cyber Espionage and Cyber Defence uniba/460032019Herrmann, Dominik  
The Future of IT in Peace and Security uniba/459982019Reuter, Christian; Altmann, Jürgen; Aal, Konstantin; Aldehoff, Larissa; Buchmann, Johannes; Bernhardt, Ute; Denker, Kai; Herrmann, Dominik  ; Hollick, Matthias; Katzenbeisser, Stefan; Kaufhold, Marc-André; Nordmann, Alfred; Reinhold, Thomas; Riebe, Thea; Ripper, Annette; Ruhmann, Ingo; Saalbach, Klaus-Peter; Schörning, Niklas; Sunyaev, Ali; Wulf, Volker
Dangers and Prevalence of Unprotected Web Fonts uniba/500542019Mueller, Tobias; Klotzsche, Daniel; Herrmann, Dominik  ; Federrath, Hannes
On the Difficulties of Incentivizing Online Privacy through Transparency : A Qualitative Survey of the German Health Insurance Market uniba/500552019Maass, Max; Walter, Nicolas; Herrmann, Dominik  ; Hollick, Matthias
PrivacyScore : Improving Privacy and Security via Crowd-Sourced Benchmarks of Websites uniba/509922017Maass, Max; Wichmann, Pascal; Pridöhl, Henning ; Herrmann, Dominik