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Beyond "Ought Implies Feasible" : An Account of Feasibility Restrictions for a Practical Political Philosophy uniba/498612021Sirsch, Jürgen  
Der Bürger*innenrat im System globaler Klimapolitik : eine Untersuchung des demokratisierenden Potenzial uniba/499102021Frinken, Julian
The practical relevance of ideal theory as part of the ideal guidance approach uniba/499652021Sirsch, Jürgen  
A Network-Based Explanation of Perceived Inequality uniba/493932021Schulz, Jan  ; Mayerhoffer, Daniel  ; Gebhard, Anna
On the Fate of Protests: Dynamics of Social Activation and Topic Selection Online and in the Streets uniba/470172020Asgharpourmasouleh, Ahmadreza; Fattahzadeh, Masoud; Mayerhoffer, Daniel  ; Lorenz, Jan
On the Fate of Protests: Dynamics of Social Activation and Topic Selection Online and in the Streets uniba/475232020Asgharpourmasouleh, Ahmadreza; Fattahzadeh, Masoud; Mayerhoffer, Daniel  ; Lorenz, Jan
Should Liberal-Egalitarians Support a Basic Income? : An Examination of the Effectiveness and Stability of Ideal Welfare Regimes uniba/489482020Sirsch, Jürgen  
Designing Realistic Utopia : Ideal Theory in Practical Political Philosophy uniba/489502020Sirsch, Jürgen  
Expressive voting, graded interests and participation uniba/491382020Klein, Dominik 
Convergence, continuity, recurrence and Turing completeness in dynamic epistemic logic uniba/491462020Klein, Dominik ; Rendsvig, Rasmus K.
Wie viel Wohlfahrtsstaat braucht das bedingungslose Grundeinkommen? : Eine idealtheoretische Analyse der politischen Stabilität umverteilender Institutionen uniba/492302020Sirsch, Jürgen  
Pooling Modalities and Pointwise Intersection : Axiomatization and Decidability uniba/491452020Van De Putte, Frederik; Klein, Dominik 
Interaction and Infection : Simulating the spread of a viral disease under non-pharmaceutical interventions from a social science perspective uniba/477772020Klein, Dominik ; Marx, Johannes  ; Mayerhoffer, Daniel  ; Sirsch, Jürgen  
Interaction and Infection uniba/493172020Klein, Dominik ; Marx, Johannes  ; Sirsch, Jürgen  ; Mayerhoffer, Daniel  
Die Übertragbarkeit lokaler Lösungsmechanismen auf Bereitstellungsprobleme Globaler Öffentlicher Güter uniba/416142019Stange, Carolin
Democratic Decision Making - A Theoretical Analysis uniba/469022019Scheller, Simon
Rational Choice and Asymmetric Learning in Iterated Social Interactions – Some Lessons from Agent-Based Modeling uniba/459102019Klein, Dominik ; Marx, Johannes  ; Scheller, Simon
Does Non-Domination Imply Freedom? : A Discussion of the Neorepublican Conception of Freedom uniba/457832019Sirsch, Jürgen  ; Unger, Doris
Demokratie und Entscheidung : Beiträge zur Analytischen Politischen Theorie uniba/457872019Marker, Karl; Schmitt, Annette; Sirsch, Jürgen  
Introduction uniba/458022019Marker, Karl; Schmitt, Annette; Sirsch, Jürgen